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If your garden needs a boost, perhaps it's time to rethink your edges. Installing new edging is one of the easiest, fastest ways to improve the overall appearance of your garden. Whether you want to dress up a swath of perennials, d attention to a bench in the distance, or simply keep gravel inbounds, freshening up your..

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Greenes 2x4 x 10.5" Cedar Bed. Quick View. Greenes 2x4 x 10.5" Cedar Bed. 2 Reviews. $74.95. Add To Cart · Three Tier Garden Bed. Quick View. Three Tier Garden Bed. 3 Reviews. $119.95. Add To Cart · 4'x4'x5.5" - Composite Raised Bed - 1" Timbers. Quick View. 4'x4'x5.5" - Composite Raised Bed - 1" Timbers,..

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For a decorative and long-lasting bed, brick is a good choice. . You will need a mortar board (a 3-foot-square piece of plywood nailed to two 2x4s works fine), a wheelbarrow or large container for mixing mortar, a mortar hoe, a brick-set chisel, . Add the mortar by making a swiping motion along all four edges of each face

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Apr 9, 1994 . A well-manicured yard is a pleasure to look at, but it takes a lot of work. So, most of us opt for a simple landscape that we can keep in shape without daily care.One easy way to give a crisp look

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Oct 23, 2015 . log raised bed. Logs. Choose straight logs about a foot in diameter to create the bed edges. Logs of smaller diameter can be stacked, as pictured here. To avoid having to move massive logs, line up shorter firewood-length sections. To build a 4-foot by 8-foot bed, you'll need two 7-foot logs for the sides and..

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Feb 7, 2013 . Once you have temporarily aligned and attached 3 of the 4' panels, line the edge of these panels up with the edge along one of the side panel edges from Step 3 and attach using three screws per panel. Repeat for the other side. Your project should really start looking like some garden boxes at this point

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I bought 21 2x4s. This ended up being barely enough. I should have bought 24 or 25. This wood is cheap for the volume. the biggest downside is that it is soft and will dent and . Next I cut each board 2" wide. this dimension became the desktop thickness so the cut edges are on the top and bottom of the finished desk

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Build a sturdy, beautiful raised bed in an afternoon to grow your favorite vegetables and herbs. Raised beds are an easy way to garden successfully

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Buy these connectors to build your own raised beds. The connectors reinforce raised beds so that they won't bow out at the sides. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Gardener's Supply

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If you're looking for a wide top to be able to comfortably sit or kneel on, then lay a 2x4 or 2x6 flat on the top rail of the raised bed. . For a garden planter I would go with rough for the sides and then if you want to put smooth on the top edge where you'll have your hands or be sitting, then go for it, but it isn't a mandatory thing..

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Apr 9, 2013 . This is what six boxes worth of lumber (plus a few 2x4s for my in-progress chicken coop) look like stacked in the back of my vehicle. Along with a spare tire (don't ask.) ... Hi Kit, I am a 75 year old widow, built raised beds from kits for a veggie/berry/cut flower garden. My question: how do you keep weeds out..

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Aug 28, 2016 . A 2x4 or similar and some kind of weight to put on top of it. Tools: Utility knife; Electric rotary type saw (I used a Dremmel SawMax), jigsaw or similar with a metal cutting blade. Alternatively you could use a hacksaw if you're feeling the need to get a workout. Straight edge garden spade shovel

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DIY Experts discuss the pros and cons of garden border materials, including such points as cost, durability and purpose

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By raising the soil level, raised garden beds also reduce back strain when bending over to tend the bed. This is especially helpful to older gardeners or people with bad backs. And if the beds are built well, the gardener can sit on the edge of the bed while weeding, and for some gardeners this is the biggest benefit of all

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Raised bed gardens make planning and planting a vegetable garden a much easier chore, and weeding becomes a breeze. See our raised bed garden .. A raised bed can be created by simply mounding six to 12 inches of soil on top of existing ground, raking the top flat, and sloping the edges downward. * For best results..