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Feb 20, 2008 . Background and Applications. Composite slabs. Concrete cast in situ. Welded mesh reinforcement for crack control, transverse load distribution and ... width for slabs with concentrated loads. For h p. / h 0,6. For bending and longitudinal shear: i) for simple spans and exterior spans of continuous slabs

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Specifications. 3.2 Bending stress in the deck shall not exceed 0.6 times the yield strength with a maximum of 36 ksi. (250 MPa) under the combined loads of wet concrete, deck, and the following construction live loads: 20 pounds per square foot uniform load. (1 kPa) or 150 pound concentrated load on a 1'0 wide section..

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Loads greater than 10 kPa (200 psf) are commonly the result of large concentrated moving loads. In such cases, contact Westform for additional design information. The steel deck provides the positive reinforcement for the simply supported composite slab and no additional reinforcing steel is required. To control shrinkage..

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Oct 19, 2011 . The composite deck system is a slightly cheaper alternative to the one-way slab; however, it increases the depth of the floor system, therefore decreasing the clearance for bus travel. The thick slab and deck combination provides sufficient shear capacity for the concentrated loads put forth by the busses, the

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Mar 5, 2002 . 2. Limit State of Strength. The strength of a composite slab is usually limited by one of the following resistance limit states: (a) shear-bond; (b) flexure of an under-reinforced section; (c) flexure of an over-reinforced section; and (d) punching shear with concentrated loads. 3. Loads and Safety Criterion

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Point Loads on Composite Deck-Reinforced Slabs. The behavior of composite deck-reinforced floor systems under concentrated loads is described. Laboratory experiments show that these floor systems may have a considerably larger capacity to support concentrated loads than indicated by existing design techniques

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ABSTRACT ii. Load Distribution on Timber-Concrete Composite Floors capable of predicting the percentage of load received by each beam in timber-concrete composite slabs when subjected to concentrated loads. This percentage is a function of the span, the beam position at the slab and the thickness of the concrete..

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To describe the design of one-way spanning composite slabs, formed using profiled steel sheeting and a concrete topping, including consideration of ultimate and serviceability limit state design according .. Shear stresses between the steel and concrete increase in the zone between the concentrated load and the support


4.15 Shear Flow (lb/in.) Produced by Concentrated. Loads. 68. 4.16 Total Shear Resistance at the Interface Between. Deck and Concrete. 72. 5.1 Uniform Loads Capacity of. Two-Way Composite Slab. 76. 5.2 Concentrated Load Capacity of. Two-Way Compos ite SIab. 77. VI..

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Concentrated Loads. Intermediate Supports, Propping or Special Finishes. Situations when additional reinforcement may be required. Page 5. Guidance for Installing Service Holes in the Composite Slab. TAB-Deck Concrete Mix. Addition of TAB-Deck Fibres. Installation of TAB-Deck Fibre Reinforced Concrete

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The criteria states, "Additional concrete dead load due to deflection of the deck shall be considered in calculations." The next five steps calculate the positive moments due to dead load and the construction loads specified in the criteria namely: 20. PSF uniform load or 150 lb. concentrated load on one foot of deck width

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shown on pages 42 and 43 of our Design Manual and Catalog of Steel Deck Products. Example Problems For Concentrated Loads. Example 1: Point Load. This problem is designed to demonstrate how to check the ability of a composite slab to carry a. 3000 lb point load over an area of 4.5" x 4.5" occurring anywhere in the..

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Loads. 1. Composite slab loads as required by the applicable building code. Where applicable, load information shall include concentrated loads. 2. Assumed construction phase loads. B. Structural framing plans for all composite slabs showing the size, location and type of all deck supports. C. Deck and Deck Attachment

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The goal is to apply the insights of the research to the assessment practice for reinforced concrete slab bridges subjected to composite dead load and live loads. Therefore, the application to existing slab bridges is studied. Additional attention is paid to the horizontal load distribution of concentrated loads on slabs,..

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Sep 29, 2017 . I-section profiles. Initial studies on the slab durability and its behavior under concentrated loads have also been performed [3]. As this slab system is lighter and slenderer as compared to conventional reinforced concrete slabs, it becomes necessary to verify its behavior under dynamic loading. J. Compos

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Bulk retail projects require robust floor systems capable of sustaining high floor loading including concentrated loads from racking systems. STEELDECK: Design Guide for Concentrated Loads on Metal Deck Slabs (SCNZ - 11:2006) has been prepared to assist structural engineers design metal deck slabs for this and other..

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Design reinforcement at openings in slab. Check composite slab and design reinforcement. For composite beams: Determine shear connector layout and design transverse reinforcement. Consider: Fire resistance period. In-service loading, e.g. solid partitions, concentrated loads. Temporary construction loading, e.g. from

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Q: Can we use a scissor lift on the slab? Where can I find information related to concentrated loads on slabs? The slab must be designed with the required capacity to support anticipated loading, such as a scissor lift. The Structural Engineer of Record (SER) is responsible for the design of slabs on steel deck and should be..

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Deck Products will be used and are worked using LRFD methodology. A copy of the tables is provided in the Appendix and also shown on pages 42 and 43 of our Design Manual and Catalog of Steel Deck Products. Example Problems for Concentrated Loads. Example 3: Fork Lift Truck Loading. This problem is intended to..

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L" effective slab width for four concentrated loads as de termined by yield-line mechanism. L.P. load point m moment capacity of slab on a cross-section perpendicular to steel deck corrugations (longitudinal moment capaci ty), ft-lb/ft. This moment capacity considers the steel deck in its strong (longitudinal) direction plus

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Supporting beam width. For all ComFlor 46 load/span tables, the width of the support beam used is assumed to be 152mm. Fire design. The capacity of a composite slab with nominal anti-crack mesh in fire is calculated in accordance with Steel Construction Institute NCCI PN005 'Fire resistance design of composite slab'