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Fungal or bacterial growth is unlikely below 15% moisure content and b). Adhesion of resins whether polyester, vinylester or epoxy is greatly reduced as moisture content in the core is increased above this level. So if the factory and storage conditions are up to MIL-spec standards, the balsa in your deck should have started..

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Some of these products appear to have been interchanged in their use and are sometimes used inappropriately, as each has different characteristics, for example whether or not the product can soak into wood, its anti-fungal properties and its reaction to exposure to sun, weather, and varying temperatures. Modern flat roofs..

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Non-Heat Reflective. Total Solar Reflectance. 0.246. The DOE's test wall at the Oak Ridge. National Laboratory measured TSR for. COOLWALL at 0.513 compared to a tra- . Resists dirt pickup, mold, mildew, and stains - eliminating the need for costly .. The COOL-TEX concrete floor and deck coating system can help

personality style wpc diy patio deck DIY Deck Features: 1.WPC .

personality style wpc diy patio deck DIY Deck Features: 1.WPC materials and products rather than wood.

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Kingspan Air-cell Retroshield has been developed with a unique reflective anti-tear surface, as both a vapour barrier and a high performance insulation. Kingspan Air-cell products are designed to combat heat gain and heat loss in all three forms (radiation, convection and conduction), resulting in thermal performance..

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Manufacturer of Heat Reflective Coatings - Heat Protective Coating - TC, Summer Cool Paint - OzoProtect TC, Heat Resistant Coating - SR and Heat . Can be applied on Metal, Asbestos and Concrete Waterproofing coat; Prevents Rust, Non-Yellowing, Fungal Resistance; Long life. ... Anti Radiation Coatings - TC

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A. To prevent corrosion we use anti-corrosive pigments and this does not allow paint to be formulated as clear. . It's best to avoid dark colours but if you choose a dark colour then use the Resene CoolColour formulation of the colour which will give more heat reflection .. The fungi can penetrate deeply into the timber

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Apr 24, 2015 . resistant and anti-fungal on the roof surface. 1.2.3. Type and . 1.5.1. Uses. These tiles shall be used as Roof and deck tiles for insulation purpose . conform to manufacturer's specifications. Roof tiles. I. Physical Properties. Solar Reflective Index. 92 max. Reflectance. 0.74 max. Emittance. 0.93 min

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fungal growth, or the degradation of building elements. Limits on .. 48. 7.0 Decks and Pergolas. 51. 7.1 Thresholds for decks. 51. 7.1.1 Slatted decks. 51. 7.1.2 Enclosed decks. 51. 7.2 Attachment to building structure. 51. 7.2.1 Slatted timber decks to walls. 51 . 8.2.5 Anti-ponding boards. 63. 8.2.6 Details and flashings. 6

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Anti-Mould). D4.95. AS 3730.1. Solver Ultra. Ceiling High. Opacity White. (Low VOC). FC-4315.01. AS 3730.1. Solver Brite-Glo. Scenic Flat. Acrylic (Poster .. decking oil paint for timber: exterior. Weathergard. Water-based. Decking Oil. D5.52. Wattyl low VOC paint table. Include this subclause if the outgassing of volatile..

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Swimming Pool decks . Solacoat Heat Reflective coatings work by reflecting infrared light. . protecting properties and assets (heat sensitive); Non-Toxic Environmentally safe and friendly; Assists in conducive and liveable environments; Contains anti-fungal and anti-mould properties; Easy to apply; 10 year limited warranty..

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1. The VersiWeld Fully Adhered Roofing System incorporates maximum 12' wide white, gray or tan 45, 60 or. 80-mil thick scrim-reinforced VersiWeld Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) membrane. Versico Insulation is mechanically attached to the roof deck or secured with DASH or FAST Adhesive, OlyBond 500 BA, or..

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option of water proof composite decking solid composite timber decking board

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May 15, 2015 . Whether you've gone for cheap decking or something sturdier and longer-lasting, blackening is a risk, especially after a long, wet winter. When fungus meets wet wood, the tannin in the timber reacts and forms a horrible black stain. It's a sign you're heading for rotten decking, something you really need to..

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pigments and advanced antifungal additive that provides long lasting tough water proofing membrane. The low thermal . High solar reflectance index (SRI) indicates high degree of cooling effect. . Crack-bridging. . High resistance to chloride . cement sheet and metal decks. . Ultra violet rays and weather resistant.

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Antifungus is a high quality acrylic co-polymer emulsion paint formulated with a high dose of fungicides and bactericides for maximum resistance to fungus. .. With a gloss level of 50%, VIP Satin can be used to brighten up dark rooms especially when colours with high reflectance values are selected. VIP Satin is also..

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Our heat reflective Solacoat Coatings, incorporates the 'Latest Technology', so don't be confused between the "old and the new" technologies in such coatings: .. Non-Toxic Environmentally safe and friendly; Assists in conducive and liveable environments; Contains anti-fungal and anti-mould properties; Easy to apply..

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A.SRI = Aged Solar Reflectance Index Measure incorporating aged reflectance & emittance into a single value. CRRC # = Product . For roof slopes 7:12 and below that were installed in a direct deck installation, nail an approximately 12 x 6 piece of ½ plywood to the deck in position to act as a batten. Next, insert a new..

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Oct 13, 2016 . Fungus Growth. Glazed & Semi Glazed finished almost no fungus. Natural finished common but washable. Common with moss / algae but not advisable to . Metal Deck. Materials. Made from Earth, 100% natural Product ! Made of Metal. Process. Pressed, Dried and Fired at > 1000°C. Extruded / Casted

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2x Heat Reflective to reduce roof temperature; 2x UV Protected Colours; Anti Algae & Anti Fungal; Energy Saving; Low Dirt Pick Up; 100% free from APEO, Formaldehyde and Heavy Metals; Green . Jotaroof is suitable for unglazed roof tiles, clay roof tiles, cement fibre sheet, concrete, metal deck and steel roof surfaces

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Oct 28, 2009 . used for roof decks and other habitable spaces and generally require permanent ... rated on a scale from 0 to 1, where 1 is the most reflective or emissive.5 Solar Reflectance. Index (SRI) is a value ... adhesion, durability, suppression of algae and fungal growth, and ability to self-wash, or shed dirt under..