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18 Iowa LOWES Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer

Lowes in Iowa reviews: Lowes - Roof Replacement Review from Dewitt, Iowa. A mystery number/charge - several times. LOWES RESCUE IT

Lowes - Nightmare Mar 05, 2018 @ Pissed Consumer

Mar 5, 2018 . Lowes review rated 1.0/5.0 with Images: 2-16-2018 we signed contract to have siding, gutters and a new door installed. Purchase price $15000.00. Like to have never siding

Resolved: Lowes - Returns Nov 21, 2017 @ Pissed Consumer

Jun 1, 2017 . Lowes review rated 4.2/5.0 with Images: I am very displeased with your return policy you hold here in Las Cruces, NM. My Husband and I are doing major addition to Cruces

42 Indiana LOWES Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer

Dec 20, 2017 . Lowes in Indiana reviews: Horrible. The fence without gates. House no longer home. Horrible Service. Poor service & poor workmanship. Lifetime warranty now 90 days. 6 months and Still no floor

Lowes Blows Consumerist

May 5, 2006 . Dear Consumerist: So here's the scoop, I went to my friendly neighborhood Lowes Home Improvement store last night in search of 2 gallons of paint. A seemingly innocuous task that resulted in a situation I've never quite experienced before. How does 2 gallons of paint start all this trouble? I'm sure I don't..

28 Arkansas LOWES Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer

Lowes in Arkansas reviews: Done with this company! Lowe's appliance extended protection plan and customer service is terrible. Worst experience ever

32 Houston, Texas LOWES Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed .

Lowes in Houston, Texas reviews: Customer service is horrible. Poor Customer Service. Lowes Flooring Department Review from Houston, Texas. Lowes Installation Review. Trim you can't buy 3ft you buy 12ft only. Lowes Cashier Review. Poor Customer

64 Tennessee LOWES Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer

Lowes in Tennessee reviews: Nightmare. Won't be ordering again. Lowes Flooring Installation. Lowes - Lowe's 737 in Johnson city tn HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE

Carpet Installation - Lowes reviews and complaints - Pissed Consumer

Lowes Carpet Installation reviews: Horrible experience with carpet installation. Don't purchase anything requiring installation from Lowe's. The worst. Carpet and..

5 Stuart, Florida LOWES Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed .

Lowes in Stuart, Florida reviews: Lowes appalling warranty services. The good bad and ugly. They got my money, now no service. After working Project Coordinator- I was totally blown off for no reason. Lowes Jensen Beach, Fla

223 Texas LOWES Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer

Lowes in Texas reviews: Lowes - My credit card. Not delivered as promised. Terrible. Bad experience! Lowe's - Still Waiting 11+ Weeks For Flooring & Answers. Lowes allowed multiple fraudulent charges on my account. Lying Cheating Theives

123 New Jersey LOWES Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed .

This branch was in Manchester, N. J. They sold me a refrigerator they didn't have in stock and weren't able to get for two weeks. I decided to deal with the. Read more. Anonymous. Anonymous Dec 21, 2017. Home depot is no better. Read all about it at pissedconsumer.com. Anonymous. Rodney Jarahian Dec 21, 2017

3646 LOWES Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer

Lowes reviews: Carpet Install. Can't get carpet installation number from store. Very disappointed.pissed. Buying a door. Receiving a rebtate that never comes. Can never get items. Coperate lied

59 Michigan LOWES Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer

Feb 13, 2018 . Lowes in Michigan reviews: Terrible Customer Service. Dishwasher. Poor customer service from manager and poor mower quality. Lowes - Not good

Lowes Tries To Silence Sucks Site For Complaints About Lowes .

Sep 26, 2007 . Lowe's as well as other companies need sites like yours to let the consumer and more importantly potential customers know how bad they are. .. Re: Re: pissed. I have been with lowes 10 years. When you accept a job with lowes you "tell" them you Can stand on their concrete all day, u can lift 50 pounds

South Carolina - Lowes reviews and complaints - Pissed Consumer

Lowes in South Carolina reviews: Why are dog allowed in store? Lowes - Service sucks. Don't purchase anything requiring installation from Lowe's. Lowes - Worst delivery service. Tile Back Splash Nightmare. BUYER BEWARE: Lowe's terrible roof service

Xpo Logistics - Can't Deliver for Lowes - Pissed Consumer

Nov 21, 2017 . Xpo Logistics review: I will not deal with any company that says XPO willbe doing the delivery. After 5 attempts to deliver we were hit with the same excuse every time

DO NOT WORK HERE! - Lowes Home Improvement Jobs - Page 2 | Indeed.com

Four days later, I was terminated for violating confidentiality which I never did but they were pissed off because I put them under the bus. Well, don't do dirt and there . I was a large consumer for the company and have cut up my Lowe's card and refuse to ever shop there again. Perhaps when people get..

PissedConsumer.com: Link Farm Dominating Google SERPs - Moz

Oct 22, 2008 . I am technically savvy enough, however, to spot an obvious link farm/spam scheme, such as the one run by the web site www.pissedconsumer.com. If you do SEO work for any consumer-based business, there is a good chance that you are familiar with Pissed Consumer, or at the very least you know of..

Lowes - HVAC a disaster Oct 10, 2017 @ Pissed Consumer

Sep 6, 2017 . Lowes review rated 1.0/5.0 with Images: I purchase a central unit for my home at Lowe's, Decatur Texas. A Ary Company Heating and AC. did the installation. The unit is call a packed unit..

Has anyone used solid bamboo floor sold at Lowe's? - Houzz

May 26, 2015 . Lumber Liquidators bamboo flooring has a lot of formaldehyde issues that are the subject of a class action lawsuit as it's made in China. Google Lowes' brand with the terms 'reviews' and 'complaints' and see what you come up with. Also check on pissedconsumer.com to see if they've had complaints..

Lowes - Bad customer service. Jan 02, 2018 @ Pissed Consumer

Nov 22, 2017 . Lowes review rated 2.5/5.0 with 4 Comments: I bought a chainsaw blade from Lowe's in Hampstead NC. My fault for getting the wrong size. I thought I got a 18' but NC

Buying Kitchen Cabinets, Beware! - Main Line Kitchen Design

Jan 1, 2011 . For example, many cabinet companies sell the same product for different prices by having multiple cabinet line names. Even in the same cabinet line, exact same door styles and finishes will have different names at different locations. In 2004 Consumer Reports was completely duped publishing cabinet..

9 LOWES FOODS Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer

Lowes Foods reviews: Not a good feeling. Not to sure about 200% guarantee, seems to depend on who you talk to! Lowes Foods - Poor customer service