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tall fence with lattice - to get more privacy from the neighbours. Find this Pin and . to add trellis to a fence. How to fit the extenders to create an ideal structure for supporting plants and creating greater privacy. .. Top It Off.Give extra interest to a traditional privacy fence by topping it with a contrasting panel. Standard lattice..

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The Downham Classic Trellis is made by hand to order from 19x38 pressure treated batten and it has approximately 150mm space between battens. This is great for topping fences to allow for a little more height and privacy. It is equally as good installed near flower beds and pots to trail your favourite plants through and up

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We Manufacture and install a wide range of rotating, rigid and barbed wire based obstacles to prevent intrusion over walls or roofs. . As a general rule we believe that any deterrent placed in a clear and obvious position at a height of at least 2100mm above ground will be fully legally complaint. .. Customised Wall Topping

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ANother idea for making the fence taller.this one I know I can do myself as it it very similar to a fence I built in the past!Green Fences Make Good Neighbors Unless its Bamboo - Growing .

Now fast growth is one thing when you want to fill in a space or provide some privacy, but when it rapidly encroaches onto your neighbor's property, that's another story. And this is where the potential problem comes into play. Many of the most common species of bamboo are aggressive horizontal spreaders as well

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Feb 22, 2014 . A hedge, more or less, is a wall. One thing I think always looks odd is a solid privacy fence (a wall) with a hedge (another wall, but green) in front of it. I think it's better to extend the height of the fence without blocking the fence entirely. One way to do that is to place large tree forms (of the height you wish to..