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Nov 10, 2015 . Phenolic Microballoons, used as a filler in adhesives where the distinctive reddish brown coloration is cosmetically useful and as a fairing compound for .. or sprinkle over wet paint or epoxy to create a non skid surface. One quart will cover approx 200 square feet. Each. 2-4. 5+. J35-6538. Quart Deck Dust

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Non-slip wood deck paint like coating & treatment for wooden deck boards, hard wood flooring and wood surface to create a non-skid surface for your wood flooring

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Some spar varnish / marine varnish makers may not want to bother with 'only quart cans.' I think some varnish manufacturer (especially outside the USA) may not know the legal rules and I also think that many boat supply stores/hardware shops pretend not to know. Some states allow for the sell of existing old stock

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Phenolic Microballoons (BJO-0930) These red/purple color phenolic spheres when mixed with epoxy resins will create a low density paste compound which will sand easily and improve .. Polymer particles that can be added to your resin, gelcoat, epoxy or any type of paint to provide a non-skid/anti-slip surface. Commonly..

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Apr 22, 2013 . The total phenolic content was strongly correlated with the DPPH scavenging activity, suggesting that phenolic compounds are mainly responsible for the antioxidant activity of SCG. An UHPLC-PDA-TOF-MS system was used to separate, identify, and quantify phenolic and nonphenolic compounds in the.. : Evercoat 853 Skid-No-More Rubberized Non-Skid . : Evercoat 853 Skid-No-More Rubberized Non-Skid Coating - 1 gallon : Anti Slip Paint For Metal : Sports & Outdoors. . I put 2 coats on and it seemed to do the trick to not only cover all the decking with a rubberized feel but to give it a pretty decent texture to make it non slip. The texture did make it look a little..

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Jun 10, 2011 . If the grid structure is wood and the deck is rotten, you may also have rot underneath that needs to be replaced. In some cases, the old . MDO ply was developed for use in outdoor signs and is very durable by itself. . The final coat of paint should also contain a non-skid compound of some type. It can be in..

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Normally the flight decks of aircraft carriers are coated with an anti-slip paint to prevent aircraft from losing control as they take off and land, and also keeping the crew safe. Those coatings are adequate for the short take-offs of the Joint Strike Fighters, which nevertheless involve powerful downward jet efflux and high

Elasta-Tuff 6000-AL-HS - Wood preservation, rot repair, and .

Elasta-Tuff 6000-AL-HS is intended as a primary coating for CPES-treated wood, fiberglass, and concrete where the extra protection and durability of an . When used on exterior stairs, patios, decks and walkways, we recommend the use of a non-skid additive such as silica sand (supplied upon request), rubber or cork..

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Wood Decking. FINISHED DECKING - ACCESSORIES. SHIPS INCLINED LADDER SAFETY TREADS. Extruded Aluminum, Compound Filled Treads. Extruded .. 59-MA-2b Deck Covering; Non-Slip, Magnesia Oxychloride Cement (Magnesite) .. A hard core phenolic roller allows the majority of the non-skid aggregate to

Chemsol 250LV Non-Slip Safety Coating Technology

Chemsol 250LV Non Slip Coating: two component, low VOC general-purpose vehicular grade epoxy anti-slip floor and deck coating. Chemsol 250LV is ideal for use on the following substrates: metal, wood, concrete, fiberglass, and other substrates that can accept an epoxy coating. It has been engineered to provide..

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DYCSG4XFXX, Skid Gard, 44, 45. DYCMP50, MP-50 White Phenolic, Rust Inhibitive Metal Primer, MP50 . DYC565, Silicone Coating, 585. DYC60X, Easy Spread Flat Exterior 100% Acrylic Coating, 600, 601, 602, 605 . DYC1925, Safety Deck Anti-Slip Textured Coating, 1925, 1930, 1935. DYC194X, Solid Body Wood..

Deck Kote - Acrylic Waterbase Deck Paint - 1 Gallon - 5 YEAR .

Deck Kote - Acrylic Waterbase Deck Paint is a premium one-part acrylic water-based deck coating designed as an effective weapon against UV rays and weathering in a coating that is easy . For non-skid surfaces, add sand or pumice stone as desired. . An outdoor Deck Kote color can really make your space stand out

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Gov't Specification Paints. Government agencies, Federal, State and Local, purchase and/or specify coating materials to meet detailed requirements of those agencies. Because of the known and accepted quality of these specifications, it has become the practice of many facility owners and industry to use these same..

Chemsol Navy G MIL-PRF-24667, Non-Skid, Military Grade

Chemsol Navy G Anti-Skid Safety Coating is a high solids, two-component fast curing epoxy anti-skid floor and deck coating (non-slip paint). . Chemsol Navy G Anti-Skid Safety Coating is designed to increase safety in areas where slip and fall potential exists, in both indoor and outdoor environments. Chemsol Navy G has..

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to its heart-wood extractives, including the thujaplicins and a variety of phenolic compounds. The thujaplicins contribute to the decay resistance of red cedar while the phenolic compounds and resins give cedar its water repellency and lubricity (slippery surface). Since the natural preservatives in cedar are somewhat water..

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Excellent for use on boat decks, ramps, walkways, and on marine infrastructure. Will adhere to most any surface including fiberglass, aluminum, wood, steel, masonry, brick, cement and stucco. Recommend SM-664D Etching Primer for aluminum or fiberglass. Provides a durable non-skid finish with excellent adhesion and..


METSÄ WOOD. BIRCH PLYWOOD. PRODUCTS. Form. 2-3. FormPLUS. 4-5. Form XL. 6-7. Deck. 8-9. Deck XL. 10-11. Floor. 12-13. Granit. 14-15. Integra. 16-18. Top, Carat .. slows down the absorption of moisture into the wood, it does not eliminate .. The phenolic film surface is semi-glossy, smooth, hard and slippery

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Pine tar is a sticky material produced by the high temperature carbonization of pine wood in anoxic conditions The wood is rapidly decomposed by applying heat and pressure in a closed container; the primary resulting products are charcoal and pine tar. Pine tar consists primarily of aromatic hydrocarbons, tar acids and tar..

Chemsol 75

Chemsol 75 Non Slip Coating: water based flexible acrylic anti-slip floor and deck coating formulated for pedestrian traffic. Chemsol 75 is most frequently use. . Chemsol 75 meets USDA criteria for anti-slip compounds used in the areas of food processing, handling, and storage. It has been formulated to meet the strict..

Chemsol 2500 Anti-Skid Safety Coating and Ruggedizer Kit .

Ultra-durable industrial grade anti-skid safety coating and ruggedizer; Use indoor & outdoor to increase traction and/or ruggedize concrete, wood, metal, PCV, etc. .. It is a 100% solids, zero volatile organic compound (VOC) and hazardous air pollutant (HAP)-free fast curing coating. . Phenolic core roller included