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Our synthetic teak boat decks are designed, fabricated and installed by professional teams who combine modern construction techniques with traditional hand . our vision of continuous improvement, Dek-King 2G now has a superior lifelike grained effect, is available in 9 colour combinations and made from a material..

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New Age Nonskid: EVA Foam Decks for Fishing Boats. EVA foam nonskid adds cushion, color and traction to the decks of saltwater fishing boats. By Jim Hendricks April 13, 2015. 0 Comments. In recent years, new synthetic materials have emerged for making the decks on saltwater fishing boats safer, more comfortable and..

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Color. Me Wow! As if the blazing sun, blue water and clear sky aren't shiny enough, today's sport fishing boats are so bright I gotta wear shades. Custom hull colors, metallic finishes, faux wood and silky smooth surfaces are bringing more . We asked Tripp Nelson at Alexseal to explain the materials and science behind the


TEAK DECK HISTORY. Teak has been used for hundreds of years as a durable deck material. The hard wood is very durable. Natural antimicrobial and insecticide substances cause an excellent natural anti-rot and weathering resistance. Alternatives for teak such as iroko, padouk etc. are used in some cases but needs an

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Non-Slip composite Decking material : Our non-slip composite boat decking material looks and feels like high quality natural teak. The graining is . Faux-Teak-Decking - Colours available: DEK-KING is available in different plank colours as well, like Red, Blue, Grey, Black, Cream and White with different caulking options

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Jun 6, 2017 . Both of these western softwoods are prized for their rich color and natural beauty, and because they aren't pumped full of chemicals or preservatives. . Plastic lumber, like Azek Deck, ForeverDeck and Leisure Decking, is made from 100 percent plastic (recycled and/or virgin); it contains no wood fibers

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FLEXITEEK 2G. What is Flexiteek 2G? Flexiteek is a synthetic teak decking and boat flooring alternative. After years of development, Flexiteek has launched it's . 2) Flexiteek Colors. Flexiteek stays the color you choose! Flexiteek comes in a variety of colors and caulk combinations that mimic teak. Unlike natural teak..

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public viewing with the full spectra of colours at METS 2014. 35% LIGHTER THAN 1ST GENERATION SYNTHETIC DECKING. Flexiteek 2G also offers up to 35% weight saving over rival synthetic decking systems, making it of special interest to owners of performance yachts, multihulls and power-boats. Fitted on a:

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The only synthetic decking that's designed to stay 25 F to 30 F cooler than all other PVC decking material. CoolTEAK will not feel hot on bare feet, even in full sun. CoolTEAK has the elegant appearance of traditional maple planking with teak colored caulk lines. Both Azure and CoolTEAK are made of PlasDECK's patented..

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About The Products. PlasDECK, Synthetic Teak Flooring & Decking. PlasDECK is a great alternative to solid teak and has become very popular in the marine industry. It's a no maintenance product that looks like teak and is a non skid material. PlasDECK doesn't come in just teak but in a variety of colors: Classic black line..

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The new range of decking colours have undergone laboratory tests and in some instances not only are they cooler than natural teak but our entire range of boat . The material is lighter colored than our traditional colored marine wood, and thus provides a cooler, more summertime approach to synthetic teak yacht decking

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This Flexiteek sample was very resilient. Natural teak haslong been a material of choice for boatbuilding. Its naturally high oil content and tight grain make for exceptional longevity without the need for protective finishes. Over time, if not exposed to pollutants, teak gradually ages to an attractive silver-gray color

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Dec 30, 2016 . Synthetic faux or fake teak decking material is becoming much more prevalent appearing on mega yachts, cruise liners, production boats and now DIY owners . There are 3 main . NuTeak decided to produce a lighter color material, so that in its aged condition the final product is closer to a natural teak

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1. If you're pretty handy, use our rolls of DIY shiplap material - Available in the classic teak color. . Synthetic Boat Deck, Yacht Decking, Marine Teak Decking . teak boat decking option that provides the elegant look of a teak deck without any of the time-consuming and costly maintenance associated with natural wood teak

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Jun 3, 2016 . Also, synthetic deck materials are increasingly being used by DIY owners. Each alternative has different properties, so you need to choose carefully. PolyVinyl Chloride, or PVC for short is used by two of the world's leading synthetic decking manufactures. It looks and feels amazingly like natural teak, and..