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Aug 20, 2014 . This is the grinding process to take regular milk jugs that people recycle and turn them into recycled plastic posts and fencing, invented by Patrick Kelley from Waste Not Technologies, LLC in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania ~ this product is available online from Close the Loop..

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There is pre-assembled wood fencing sections as well as fencing materials made from recycled milk jugs. The type of fence you use depends primarily on the purpose. Fences like the type shown in Fig. 10 are used primarily for barriers. They are easy to build and provide an adequate barrier. However, they are usually not..

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Jan 18, 2018 . Kelley, along with his partners, uses recycled plastic to make fences that look just like wood. "The products are made out of plastic. Mostly things like milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, pill bottles, that type of thing," said Patrick Kelley, Waste Not Technologies. Kelley says to make poles like this one, it takes..

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How to Make a Milk Jug Scoop. HandyHintsMilkCartonScoop. I've read many hints that advise the reader to cut off the tops of gallon-size plastic jugs and use them for funnels. I've found that if you replace the cap after cutting the top off, you can use the top for a scoop for handling potting soil, fertilizer or pet food

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Don't throw away those empty gallon jugs! Rinse them out and use them for these clever gardening projects!Milk jug planters on a fence using wire clothes hangers | Honors .

Easy to make concrete bowls and planters. This inspires me greatly! I just don& know that I would commit myself to the project! I& LOVE to make a few of them before the end of spring. Find this Pin and more on Outdoor Tips by kalaoutdoorescapades. Résultats de recherche d'images pour « concrete projects for the garden

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Milk - whole, 2%, and skim, in gallon and half gallon sizes; Chocolate milk; Fresh Jersey Cream, in gallon, half gallon, and 12 Oz. bottles; Ice Cream - in five sizes, and over twenty flavors . Our pasture raised Jersey cows not only produce milk full of flavour, but with a consistently higher protein, calcium, and mineral content

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Shiney/White stones in your garden stops fairy-cats from spitting on your berry bushes, people used milk bottle caps or balls of tinfoil. ... I don't get this. Let's pretend for a minute that water jugs will prevent dogs from crapping in your yard. Why do you care if you're willing to make your yard look like a..

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Our recycled plastic fencing is made by a high-tech process designed to make the plastic posts and rails look like they were cut from redwood trees, but are actually made from recycled milk jugs. We ship across the USA

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Insects can be a major problem if you have an apple tree, with pests such as apple maggots causing significant damage to both your fruit and the tree itself. Sticky traps are often used to protect against insects but provide little protection against flying pests. Homemade traps made from milk jugs provide additional protection..

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(with only 2 holes, the plastic square label part slides down, the 3rd hole seems to prevent this) The "sticks" are a piece of stiff galvanized fence wire that I cut to a 12 inch length, bought for about $2.00 at the hardware store in the scrap pile. It should probably make about 25 label holders. Good way to recycle empty milk jugs..

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Sep 9, 2015 . When they're reclaimed, plastic milk bottles are typically turned into recycling containers, pens, lumber, picnic tables, fencing, benches, detergent bottles, toothbrushes and children's toys. But according to a . In your garden, you can use them to make Wall Planters, a Watering Jug or a Milk Jug Birdfeeder

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Milk Jug Crafts Kids Can Make. How to Make Crafts Made from Milk Jugs - Recycled Crafts Including: Milk Jug Airplane, Milk Jug Sock Monster Sock Caddy, Milk Jug Totem Pole, Milk Jug Crafts..

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Who knows? For the record, those who have gone this route have used everything from clear glass jars to clear (or green) one-liter plastic soda bottles to opaque, gallon-sized plastic milk jugs. They've also either planted the containers standing upright or laid them on their sides. Those who swear by the practice have come..

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Cool DIY Projects Made With Plastic Bottles - Indoor Bottle Herb Garden - Best Easy Crafts and DIY Ideas Made With A Recycled Plastic Bottle - Jewlery, Home Decor, Planters, Craft Project Tutorials - Cheap Ways to Decorate and Creative DIY Gifts for Chris..

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Nov 9, 2013 . Plastic lumber is a durable outdoor building staple, often made with through HDPE recycling (the type of plastic used for milk jugs) or grocery bags and . Used to build decks, fences, railings and swimming pool enclosures, lumber made with recycled plastics not only looks great and lasts a long time, but it..