how to install hardwood floor in closet

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Jun 13, 2013 . After excitedly declaring the hardwood floors are done! just in time to move in, we got a bunch of requests for a follow up post with details about the tricky stuff like how we handled transitions, cutting boards shorter, cutting them thinner, how we addressed the top of the stairs, and how long it all took

Which comes first after carpet removal - closet organizer or hardwood

Nov 6, 2014 . We are planning to replace our carpet with hardwood floors. I also want to get some closet organizers put in. There is a little carpet in the closet too. Which one needs to be done first? Thanks for your time

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Feb 23, 2017 . What we learned and what we used to install tongue and groove hardwood flooring. . We cut the proper width for those several boards, and we worked our way out of the closet until we reached the boards in the main part of the room. Below, you can see how we also had to cut the last board before the..

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Sep 11, 2012 . There are two basic types of engineered wood. Nail/Glue down, which is simply three plies of wood, staggered to make a tongue and groove shape like hardwood, and a final finish layer of actual hardwood. This is installed like hardwood, or it can be glued along the tongues to make a floating floor

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With floating hardwood floors, I've been warned that if you install them super tight when it's cold, they'll buckle when it's hot -- and the opposite will make them shrink out form underneath the trim. I suppose it . It's a bit time consuming, and I've only used this technique in closets and shorter spans than you've shown here

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Think shower door or closet door - similar to that. The owner (a friend) just had the floors redone, so I'd rather not screw the track directly into the floor if I can avoid it. I could conceivably screw a flat board across the opening and then attach the track to that - which would allow me to make fewer holes in the..

Installing A Cedar Closet Floor - On the House

Jun 7, 2016 . Cedar is an especially aromatic wood and has other benefits too. Moths hate cedar making the material an excellent choice for hope chests and closet flooring. In fact, there have been occasions in our remodeling company where we were asked to line not only the floor of a closet, but the walls and ceiling..