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Journal of Composite Materials - Volume 52, Number 7, Mar 01, 2018

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Drilling of hybrid composite materials in aerospace applications. To increase fuel efficiency and reduce lifecycle cost, aerospace and transportation industries have been seeking a material or material combinations, which exhibit high strength-to-density ratios and excellent mechanical properties in the extreme loading..

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Find the latest research, reviews and news about Composites from across all of the Nature journals. . Composites, also known as composite materials, are natural or synthetic materials made from two or more constituents and with physicochemical properties that are different from those of the individual components

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ICC is conducting a range of projects to promote a dramatic increase in the use of composite materials. The scope of these projects is not just limited to research into the materials themselves and development of efficient manufacturing methods, but also extends to such areas as increasing the appeal of the materials as..

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International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2012. 1. ISSN 2250-3153 Composite Material: A Review over Current. Development and Automotive Application. G.V.Mahajan*, Prof. V. S. Aher**. * P.G. Student, AVCOE, Sangamner, India. ** Professor Department..

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Composite Research. Low-cost Processing. Atmospheric pressure cures. Room temperature curing. Cheaper fiber precursors. Nanocomposites. Carbon nanotubes. graphene. clay. nanoparticles. Autonomic Materials. Self-healing. Self-sensing. Self-reinforcement. 2. M.W. Keller - mwkeller@utulsa

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At the nanoscale, concrete proves effective for nuclear containment. New research shows concrete is a strong choice for the long-term confinement of nuclear waste. November 19, 2015. Materials Processing Center marks 35 years. Service to faculty, collaboration with industry are hallmarks of campus-based Materials..

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The current research activities of the Mechanics of Materials and Structures group are situated in the following domains: impact of composite materials; fatigue of composite materials; NDT/NDE of composite materials; general mechanics of composite materials..

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His early research interests included ultrasonic communications using electrostatic transducers and infrared communications. He is now a postdoctorate researcher in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bristol, UK. His current research is focused on the nondestructive testing of composite material..

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NASA's PICA Heat Shield is a great form of composite engineering that was invented in 2006 and quickly integrated into SpaceX's Falcon 9. 12.5k Views · View Upvoters . Current research at IIT Bombay includes (and is not limited to) prosthetic materials, glass ceramics, drug delivery nanoparticles. Not only will you get a..

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Research. /. Areas of Research. Composites. Current strategies in the design of materials often rely on the coupling of one or more material types (such as ceramics and polymers) to obtain composite material behavior that exceeds the sum of the properties of the constituents

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. aerospace structures typically require the use of composite materials, advanced multifunctional materials and thin-walled constructions. To obtain the level of performance required from flight structures, thorough knowledge of material limitations, structural stability and strength considerations are needed. Current research..

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A review of recent research on mechanics of multifunctional composite materials and structures. November 2010 . A water-soluble core material for manufacturing hollow composite sections. 15 December . Study of thermo-mechanical characteristics of polymer composite materials with embedded optical fibre. 1 January..

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The Composites Research Laboratory initiates research on all aspects of the manufacture and processing of composite materials. . CURRENT RESEARCH FOCUS . Advanced Materials Technology Strategy joint research with University of Stellenbosch, CSIR, Central University of Technology, Vaal University of..

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Current research covers interfacial phenomena in composite materials, natural composites and rapid composites manufacture. The deformation mechanics of a range of high performance synthetic reinforcement fibres for composites are explored, as are those of natural and regenerated cellulose fibres. In the later case the..

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Article. Long-term thermal stability of carbon fibre-reinforced addition-type polyimide composite in terms of compressive strength. Kubota et al. Published online: 14 Mar 2018. Article. Parameter identification problem in one-parameter plasticity model for fibrous composites. Wang et al. Published online: 13 Mar 2018. Article

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Sponsor: Army Research Laboratory (2009-2016). The safety related aim of the vehicle structures and body armors is to absorb damage and protect the humans present inside them. This project plans to study the damage mitigation mechanisms in advanced lightweight composite materials and develop multiscale material..

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Current Research Topics. o In situ characterization of damage and fracture evolution in composite materials using micro-computed tomography. o Multiscale approach for modeling fatigue failure in composite materials. o Progressive damage and failure analysis of textile composites using in situ testing combined with..

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Current Research in the Department. Click on the thumbnail to view full size. Composite Materials. Research in advanced materials aims to accelerate the pace of discovery, deployment, and recyclability of material systems. Compositeshybrids formed by combining two or more materialscan be tailored to optimize their..

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Oct 20, 2009 . KRN-A41). A worldwide increasing trend of composite materials consumption verifies the superiority of these materials over other traditional materials which can plot future directions of engineering design and research activities on advanced composite materials. Current active research areas in composite..