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Bench tops can be of a number of materials, wood, plastic, wire mesh or expanded metal. Each has advantages and disadvantages. The bench top material should be strong without sag so the pots and flats remain level, allow containers to slide easily, be resistant to corrosion from fertilizer and water, have no sharp edges..

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Polly Products. Green Products for a Green World. Environmental Benefits of using Recycled Plastic Benches. Earth-friendly and cost-effective. You can have both with our Indoor/outdoor benches and tables constructed of plastic lumber. Made from recycled milk jugs, this heavy-duty furniture is weather, rot and insect proof

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Recycled Plastic Benches arrow. Recycled Plastic Planters. Our planters will add excitement and colour to any yard, garden, park or urban area. Why use wood if you can use our durable and environmentally friendly Plaswood!? Recycled Plastic Planters arrow. Recycled Plastic Decking. Plaswood a timeless, durable and..

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Building and Construction · Fencing and Barriers · Ground Reinforcement and Surfaces · Furniture and Outdoor Spaces · Bench and table sets · Benches · Tables · Sets · Round benches · Bench planks · Bench accessories · Planters/raised beds · Composters · Rubbish bins · Kids Furniture and Playgrounds · Implementing..

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Aug 6, 2012 . AZ Big Media 6 Advantages To Using Elegant, Plastic Outdoor Furniture - Scottsdale Living Magazine

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If you have a product packaging dilemma, chances are, you can solve it with plastics. Plastics are strong, durable, lightweight, and save in both cost and material resources over the alternatives. Take a closer look at the top five benefits of plastic packaging

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May 19, 2017 . That bench could be made with recycled plastics. Park benches, playground equipment, and even backyard decks and furniture made with recycled plastics have become increasingly popular, thanks in large part to the material's combination of good looks, durability, and environmental benefits. Plus a little..

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Items 1 - 16 of 75 . You can talk about the benefits of recycling, but with recycled plastic outdoor benches made with recycled materials positioned in your parks, downtown streets and other open areas, you can actually demonstrate to people the end benefit of why it is important for people to recycle. They can see it and touch..

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Check out the latest products from Anova. We're continually pushing ourselves to find design solutions that are beautiful, durable, and sustainable. For us, quality and staying power are paramount. This means that both the construction and aesthetics of today's new furnishings will stand the test of time. View All Portfolios

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While the initial cost of plastic furniture is higher, it is a more cost-efficient long-term investment because it does not require replacement after a few years and requires minimal maintenance. Wood-Composites. Traditional wood-composite materials are typically manufactured using 50% plastic and 50% organic wood..

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Recycled plastic lumber products and materials are displacing traditional wood and composite decking materials. Production and use of recycled plastic lumber is ecologically responsible and the benefits of the products highly outweigh organic counterparts

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The Plastic Advantage. Our mineral-composite high-density polyethylene products outperform the competition with their added strength, durability and design. As a whole, plastic lumber products and materials are displacing traditional wood and wood-composite materials. Browse further to learn more about the advantages..

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Jul 14, 2016 . In 2010 we were looking for opportunities to expand and develop our business. Metal Art had been founded by my dad in 1990, and we were keeping busy with our architectural lines, commercial planters, and a new venture into street and park furniture. As a local manufacturer we recognised an increasing..

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Jun 11, 2017 . A simple explanation of bioplastics and biodegradable plastics, their benefits for the environment and dbacks. . A product called ecoplastic is sold as a replacement for wood for use in outdoor garden furniture and fence posts. Made from high-molecular polyethylene, the manufacturers boast that it's..

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So, parks are amazingly beneficial, but did you know that there is another way that parks can be of benefit? They are one of the biggest consumers of recycled plastic furniture. That doesn't sound like a lot when said so simply, but the use of recycled plastic in such quantities does mean a lot. In fact, the processes by which..

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Advantages of Recycled Benches. Consider recycled benches to honor the outdoor area where your benches will sit. Site Amenities recycled benches are made of recycled plastic, so they are an environmentally friendly choice. Also, they are crafted with a strong and durable design that is proven to last, while also..

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Although our country is getting better at recycling, over 70% of post-consumer plastic is currently buried in a landfill or burnt in an incinerator. We not only manufacture all of our recycled plastic components right here in Mid-Michigan, our craftsmen create and fabricate products that are shipped worldwide. For a print out with..

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Furnitubes range of recycled plastics seats and benches are a hard wearing, economical seating option ideal for school playgrounds and parks. Here are just some of the benefits of using recycled plastic seating:- Recycled plastic seating is environmentally friendly; Recycled plastic does not splinter or rot, making it a..

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An overview of the most popular garden furniture materials including their outdoor performance and both advantages and disadvantages

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Plastic furniture is present in every house hold today. It has dominated its presence in every industry. While there are some disadvantages in using plastic furniture