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Greenboard is water resistant, but should not be used in areas that are going to stay damp, such as tub surrounds. Once water gets into it (especially if it's not sealed correctly, and there's not the requisite gap between the tub and the wallboard), it will slowly deteriorate and/or mold -- it's water resistant, not..

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Drywall is a basic component in most building and construction projects, but not all drywall is created equal. Regular drywall is resilient until challenged by moisture, and high levels of humidity can actually crumple the material from the inside out. For installations in wet areas of the home such as basements and bathrooms,..

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Green E-board is a ceramic tile underlayment that is manufactured from magnesium oxide as its primary ingredient rather than portland cement. The construction of this product offers a better environmental alternative and an upgrade to replace gypsum drywall and cement underlayment boards. Green E-Board is a durable,..

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I don't care what you do water always seems to get behind tile in a shower. The plumber won't seal his penetrations with putty or the building will settle a little and you get a small seperation. With cement board it gets wet then you find the problem and the cement board dries out. With greenboard it gets wet..

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This is completely different than greenboard even though they are both available in the same size. It's important to realize that greenboard drywall isn't any more fire resistant than standard drywall is. If you're looking for a fire-resistant product you'll have to rely on something like Type X or another solution like Cement Board..

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The backerboard is a cement board and is used to cement the tile to the wall. If they would cement the tile to drywall in a shower area, it would come lose and destroy the drywall. The greenboard is made to resist water and steam better than regular drywall along with a good coat of primer and paint

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Apr 8, 2011 . Re: Mudding between drywall and cement board. By the way,. 'Green board' aka the green colored drywall which is billed as "water resistant" :confused: is no longer approved as a substrate for tile in wet areas. If your local code requires it, then by all means use it. Outside the wet areas the green board..

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Answer. 20. Answers. Woodbridge Environmental Last reply on Jun 30, 2013. Someone put in green board, then cement backer board, then tile. What I want to do is copy that, put in green board, (then add a waterproof selfadhesive membrane on top of green board), then the cement backer board, then tile

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Nov 30, 2006 . "My point is that cement board too will fail under moisture eventually," . The link here contains photos showing exactly what I have seen four times where tile was applied over greenboard in a shower application. . Actually greenboard CAN still be used in tub and shower compartments as a tile backer

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Greenboard and Cement Board. Greenboard is a material used on bathroom walls and is known by several names, including several trademark names. They are: drywall,; sheetrock,; gypsum board, and; plaster board. There are several generic names used by local contractors based upon the area of the country

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Dec 23, 2012 . Back in the old days, green board was widely used as a tile substrate. People would be making a big mistake to use it now. (It was banned from use for wet areas with the 2006 IRC building code.) What was more surprising was that cement-based backer boards were available when this home was built..

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I am building a new home and have a question about wall and ceiling board in bathrooms. My confusion is over where to install normal drywall, where to install greenboard or moisture resistant drywall, and where to install non-paperfaced board such as hardibacker 500 cement board. Any advice..

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Aug 17, 2017 . One common question that homeowners have is whether they should install tile directly to drywall greenboard, or cement board when tiling a shower. In the past, tiling guides recommended installing the surrounding tile directly to drywall,. Tile, with its seams and numerous avenues for moisture infiltration,..

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DIY bathroom remodeling is a great way to save money and in this tutorial we share how to do cement board installation step-by-step

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Sep 17, 2013 . Bathroom ceramic tile wainscotting backer. I am remodelling my bathroom and have all the walls covered with greenboard. The shower/tub area is cement board with tile over it. I am planning on running tile half way up the wall on the other walls(not the shower). Do I need to install cement board or can I tile..

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Nov 1, 2006 . Q: My builder tells me that green-board drywall is the proper backing for a tile shower, but I believe that cement board is better. What do you think? Steve Jordan, via email, None. A: Tom Meehan, a master tilesetter and the owner of Cape Cod Tileworks in Harwich, Massachusetts, replies: Steve, by all..

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Right now the tile is attached directly to the dry wall. We were planning on replacing most of that drywall with the mold resistant dry wall (I think that's called green board), but Home Depot and Lowes keep pushing the cement board for the part that we're going to tile (around the tub/shower). Is it ok to use..

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Cement Backerboard and Greenboard drywall are often misunderstood by do it yourself homeowners. They are not interchangeable and are designed for specific applications. Cement backerboard is a type of wall or floor sheathing that is specifically engineered for wet or heavily moist tile environments, such as ceramic..