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Pergola Kits - Which Low Maintenance Material is Right for Me

Aug 10, 2017 . If you are looking for a low maintenance pergola kit, you've come to the right place. Everyday, Structureworks manufactures pergolas from Aluminum, Cellular PVC, Fiberglass and Vinyl, all low maintenance materials, to create the perfect outdoor structure for you. When you work with us on a pergola design..

The Latest in Low-Maintenance Living - Consumer Reports

Feb 11, 2016 . A more low-maintenance option is quartz, an engineered material made from stone chips, resins, and pigments, that stood up stains in our tough countertop tests, as well as scratches, cuts, and high heat. Go for the least fussy finishes. Stainless steel has dominated appliances for decades. The only knock..

8 Best Home Materials for Low-Maintenance

Feb 25, 2015 . Here are our picks for the best home improvement materials that pay you back with more free time as well as additional appeal to potential buyers if you decide to sell. #1 Fiber-Cement Siding. Low-maintenance fiber-cement siding. Fiber-cement siding is the curb appeal champ that seems to never age the..

Wood-like siding uses recycled materials for low-maintenance living .

Feb 1, 2016 . A new line of exterior siding uses recycled materials to take the place of wood siding with low-maintenance style

The Importance Of Low Maintenance Design Propel Studio

Dec 28, 2016 . First, there is no such thing as no maintenance anything. So, if that's the case, then what about 'low maintenance?' How can it be achieved and why is it important? Propel Studio in Portland, Oregon has a history of bringing sustainable design to the forefront of their projects. Selecting materials and..

Low-maintenance green decking materials | Green Home Guide

Jul 28, 2017 . Whether you want a grandiose wraparound deck surrounding your home, a cozy little platform deck outside of the kitchen, or a modern pool deck, your choice of decking material will impact its life span and maintenance needs. Nearly everyone will agree that the less care needed, the better. Here are six..

Low Maintenance Materials | Michael Pagnotta Architecture .

Mar 12, 2018 . Back in 1876 Abraham Weston referred to New Jersey as "The Garden State" during the Centennial Exhibition, and the name stuck. If we were to give N.J. a new nickname in 2014, I would nominate "The Low-Maintenance State" as a fairly accurate description, at least as far as our approach to construction

Low-Maintenance Materials | Pro Remodeler

Low-Maintenance Materials. Remodeling clients are leaning toward products that are not only functional and beautiful but also easy to clean and in need of little upkeep. Judi Damm, Managing Editor | September 30, 2005. With more double-income families and increased drive times, consumers have less time than ever to..

Low Maintenance Materials For Every Area of Your Home .

1 day ago . Making your home both beautiful and functional has been a top priority for new homeowners and remodelers for years. Thankfully, manufacturers are constantly revolutionizing our experience with materials in the home. Without sacrificing style, these products are inspiring a whole new era of stress free..

Top 5 Low Maintenance Countertop Surface Options | CounterTop .

As a countertop material, stainless steel is as low-maintenance as it gets. No sealing or refinishing is ever required, and cleaning is easy with mild soap products. These countertops work very well in the kitchen or bath since they won't be stained by food, juice, facial cleansers, etc. They are heat resistant to stand up to hot..

Low Maintenance Home Ideas - Interior Design Info

Exterior Select a home with a low maintenance exterior or change the exterior of your home to become more low maintenance. Select siding materials that do not require painting, such as vinyl or brick instead of wood. Consider a roof made of metal instead of traditional shingles. Purchase plant materials that do not require..

Benefits of Low-Maintenance Homes - The New York Times

Aug 17, 1997 . Is a maintenance-free house possible? Not yet, at least not in the immediate future; but designers and builders are now constructing houses with new products that use the latest technology in materials. Called low-maintenance houses, these houses are attractive and functional, yet require considerably..

What type of countertop needs the least amount of maintenance .

Many homeowners opt for low-maintenance, stain-resistant nonporous countertops for the kitchen and bath, such as stainless steel, quartz and laminate. "Stainless steel countertops can handle the toughest environments," says Mark E. Wille, a sustainable materials consultant based in Chicago. Like manmade quartz and..

Top Designs: Net Zero, Modern, and Low-Maintenance .

The clients also wanted to utilize recycled materials and products that were manufactured domestically whenever possible, and architecture that expresses a Modernist aesthetic. Perhaps most importantly, they wanted a home that requires little to no annual maintenance, giving them the freedom to travel and pursue other..

Low Maintenance Features When Building a House

When building a house, investing in low maintenance features can save time & money over the life of the house. Learn how to pick building materials

Low-Maintenance | Low-Maintenance House | HouseLogic Home .

Low maintenance is the way to go when it comes to your home. These 8 home materials will make maintaining your home easier and less time-consuming

Comparing Popular Siding Materials - Which is Best? | HomeAdvisor

To determine which material is the best for your home, consider performance, cost, maintenance, and versatility. These are generalizations about . While vinyl may not need to be painted it often gets cracked, which is easy and quick to repair, but metal never breaks despite how easily it dents. If wood is treated routinely it..

17 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas Chris and Peyton .

Apr 24, 2017 . More outdoor space means more chances to entertain in warm weather and less work for you. "Creating outdoor living spaces lends itself to low-maintenance landscaping because you can extend your home while having fewer grassy areas to care for," says Peyton. The couple has a stone patio with a..

Choosing the Best Low Maintenance Siding Option

Feb 8, 2017 . Vinyl siding is usually billed as a low maintenance material that will free you from having to scrape, paint, and otherwise care for your home's exterior. And in many ways vinyl is less maintenance than wood siding, as it is does not require regular painting. Unfortunately, it also isn't as low maintenance as it's..