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Corte-Clean is formulated specifically for composite decking. . While composite decking is virtually maintenance free, it does require some cleaning from time to time. Corte-Clean is formulated specifically for . This cleaner works without bleach or other harmful chemicals that harm your lawn. For more information, or to..

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To make a composite deck look like new again, try cleaning it with a product specifically designed for composite decks like Corte-Clean

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Learn how to clean and care for your composite decking by reading the information that applies to your decking product and get ready to enjoy maximum outdoor living with minimal maintenance. . Store decking on a flat level surface and always use proper supports (dunnage), Do not store directly on the ground

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Mar 21, 2017 . I'm not able to get any help from the manufacturer or from the big box retailer that I bought it from. It's going to cost me $20,000 to replace it. Can you help me at all? Jim C., Eaton, Ohio. I've got great news for you. You're not going to have to replace that composite decking. I've also got a small dose of..

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Apr 6, 2016 . How Do I Clean Dirt and Debris From My Composite Decking? Sweep, sweep, sweep! It is always a good idea to sweep your deck regularly to discourage mold growth and staining. For an occasional cleaning, spray the surface with a water hose to remove the dirt and debris but do avoid allowing areas of..

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The catch is you can't wash it off with high pressure either. So how do you safely care for your composite deck? The manufacture of the product will tell you to use some very caustic product that will harm the environment. Those products are not safe for family, pets, or plants. SparkleWash provides the best environmentally..

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Find out how to clean and seal your composite wood deck with these easy steps. Older composite decking is notorious for black algae stains. This step by step walk through shows you how to clean composite decking and then how to seal composite decking

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Sep 13, 2017 . Once your beautiful new composite deck is installed, you'll need to clean and maintain it to keep it looking its best for years to come. This will eradicate mildew, help you spot any problems over time, and protect your deck. Here's what you need to know to clean and maintain your composite deck

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Cleaning algae on composite deck: Even composite decking requires regular care. Compared to painting or staining your wooden decking floor every year or two the composite decking is a great low-maintenance alternative and holds up longer. But nothing is entirely maintenance-free. All exterior building materials gets..

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Feb 20, 2009 . While composite decking has advantages over wood decking such as low maintenance and competitive pricing, you still need to clean composite decking to maintain its look and uphold the warranty. Follow these tips to keep your composite decking looking brand new, while increasing its longevity. (Tips

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You can use a quality composite deck cleaning product at up to 1/2 strength, costing 1/2 the money to keep clean, if it's properly proactively used before stains appear, saturate or root. Pressure . Letting it thoroughly dry is the best way to kill it. . Apply a composite deck cleaning product, designed for cleaning

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Apr 6, 2016 . Choosing the right cleaner can literally make or break your deck. Although . When purchasing a cleaner, always check the label and NEVER use a Chlorine Bleach based deck cleaner. . It is crucial to know how to properly care for a composite deck and taking the right steps will make all the difference

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Apr 17, 2017 . If you've had experience with a wood deck, you may have used a power washer to get it clean and ready for use. Power washing is NOT a good way to clean a composite deck. It can change the material's surface and may even void your warranty. Additionally, avoid harsh chemicals when washing your..

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Wash in the direction of the grain pattern to avoid possible damage to the boards. Keep debris out of gaps between the decking boards so rain showers can remove pollen and organic debris between cleanings. Minimize the use of wet mulch up against the deck structure. Items stored directly on top of the deck surface, such..

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Read Composite Deck Cleaner Reviews. Thank you for your 5 Star Review and pointing out how critically important the Corte Clean Best If Used By: date is, when purchasing at retailers, using the product proactively, as it was designed and intended, when the composites have received rain, which results in fungus stains..

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Jul 29, 2010 . Follow these 10 easy care and maintenance steps to keep your composite deck looking great throughout the year. . For oil and grease stains, speedy clean up is the best. The longer the oil or grease sits on the surface the most . To remove tar or asphalt, use De-Solv-It Citrus Solution. Be sure to follow..

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Composite decking is one of the most popular decking materials, and with good reasonit's durable, attractive and inexpensive. But even the most ardent fan of this type of deck won't be a fan of cleaning composite decks. That said, if you follow the recommended instructions for cleaning your composite deck, you can..