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Appearance. Whether you need a fiberglass repair, a new windshield or want to enlarge your flybridge, to carpet, canvas, cushions, flooring, anything and everything to make your vessel stand tall. We build, repair, wash, wax, clean detail, etc. Learn More..

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Anyway there is a small storage/inspection area in the middle of the boat. Inside there the floor is very wet and is starting to rot from the inspection hole outwards. I brased it up for now. I'm hoping I can still use it this season and repair in the fall. If it's not obvious How do you check the foam for water, Is there..

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Regardless of how carefully you take care of your floors, damage from accidents and wear from continual foot traffic are bound to happen. Scratches, gouges and dents, will make even the most beautiful flooring materials appear lackluster and worn. Flooring N Beyond offers professional flooring repair services to..

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BONNY BRIDE Progress Restoring a Wooden Lobster Boat, Part 9 Skylight, Floors, Bulkhead Repair: Walt Ansel shares the progress of BONNY BRIDE's ongoing restoration

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Choosing flooring for you pontoon boat restoration doesn't need to be confusing. Here is an overview of the most common types used

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Jul 18, 2015 . I took care to ensure I was cutting into this chopped mat tabbing and not the hull; on some boats it may not be obvious and running the cut off tool into the hull bottom would create a lot of damage to repair. The cabin sole with a layer of chopped strand mat. Aft floor support softened by water damage. To help..

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We give Free Estimates and also work with your insurance company for repairs. Appleton Boat Repair is your full service repair facility for: Fishing Boats, Power Boats, Sail boats, Day Cruisers, Run-abouts and Pontoons!Repairing wet deck core of the cockpit floor Ragged Sails

Jul 28, 2012 . Unfortunately, while the boat survey did mention the moisture problem, I hadn't really realized the extent of the problem until I had removed the wooden grate on the floor and felt the floor sag directly under my feet. Ok, so what do I do about it? This will be a very complicated and tiring job but it has to be..

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If structural damage is suspected, you should get your boat inspected by a qualified boat repairer. These problems occur as a result of: Manufacturing defects; Environmental challenges; Stress and movement. Also, older fiberglass boats tend to have a thicker application of gelcoat which means they are more susceptible to..

Replacing the rotten cockpit core from a Tanzer 22 Sail Boat

Repairing Wet Core in Cockpit Floor of Tanzer 22. The Survey done on my Tanzer 22 indicated that I needed to fix the floor. It felt spongy and moisture meter said it was wet

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Need some help choosing marine carpets and flooring for superyachts? We've assembled some prime tips and advice to help you out!MARITIME Cabin Sole Flooring, Custom Yacht Interior, Solid Teak .

Maritime Wood Products supports Just In Time (JIT) inventory and delivers flooring systems that improve manufacturing efficiency and quality. Contact us for more information. Hardwood Teak Boat Flooring for Builders and Repair. <h2>Construction of Maritime Custom Interior Floors and Floor Panels</h2>. The materials..

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Flooring Repairs. Putting off flooring repairs is like inviting more damage to your floors, but sometimes you just don't have time to deal with the hassle of a repair crew in your home. That's why Giant Floor is committed to fixing your flooring quickly, without ever sacrificing the quality of the repair job. We want you to get your..