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Suitable for a wide range of landscaping applications. High Quality Adjustable Pedestals for all Types of Terraces and Decking Areas. The Bauder pedestal support system is a range of lightweight, durable paving and decking support units. Designed to meet the exacting standards of finishing levels demanded by architects

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Drainage systems, balcony and patio profiles from Proline protect floor surfaces in outside areas against water damage and maintain wellness areas permanently

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Kinley Adjustable Pedestals. Our range of height adjustable decking and paving pedestals are easy to use and engineered for high performance. While they have been designed to complement the Terrafina and Atria external flooring systems, they also work with other types of decking and paving. View our. Adjustable..

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ADJUSTABLE PEDESTALS. VENTILATED TERRACES FOR WOOD COMPOSITE AND TILES. Adjustable Pedestals System is innovative solution for external raised and ventilated terraces. Technology is based on usage height regulated adjustable pedestals supports which can adjust height of every terrace easily

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Buzon Screwjack Pedestal System. Unlimited Possibilities for Terrace Design. Buzon pedestals are made from polypropylene, with its unique features such as adjustable height, slope corrector and flexible design of the head of support, allowing paving support for different kinds of terrace and quick setup of decking

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They will utilize a pedestal decking system that will allow your deck material to float over the roof membrane or existing flooring material without structural changes. These systems can be easily moved if roof repairs are needed, and reinstalled with ease. Typically, the flooring tiles are 2×2 or 2×4. Both sizes are easy to..

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Professionalism and performance have made us a leader in both on- grade paver applications and roof deck systems achieving superior results for both commercial and residential applications. We specialize in the installation of unit paving including sand set, bituminous set, permeable set, and pedestal set pavers. Appian..

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Tile Tech Pedestal System is designed for concrete pavers to lay level over a built up roof

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Elevated Pedestal and Raised Paver Systems. Using the right architectural pavers on your roof decks, plazas, balconies, terraces, walkways and more is a cost-effective way to transform those areas from dull and drab to eye-catching for both building tenants and visitors. However, picking the right pavers can be tricky

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Since then, SRS has greatly expanded the design professional's latitude when specifying a pedestal set deck or terrace, allowing virtually any concept to be implemented and any engineering challenge to be met. Because SRS is a system installed only by Syrstone or one of a very few trained licensees around the country,..

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Roof and Plaza Pavers. Sizes: 12" x 12" to 24" x 48" (nominal) Compressive Strength: 8500 psi Flexural Strength: 1100 psi Absorption: less than 5% Density: 155 lbs/ft3 Recommended Pedestrian Use Only Wide Range Standard & Custom Colors Available as a Single Source component..

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Our paver pedestal roof system is backed by independent testing data to outperform the competition and give you peace of mind as you design and install . helps you navigate the challenges of a pitched surface and is designed for roof deck applications, as well as on roof plazas, parking garages, roof terraces and more

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Jan 18, 2018 . Discover pricing and request samples for wood tiles, pedestals and more. LAYOUT YOUR PROJECT. Our layout service ensures you have a detailed plan with all the resources you need. TECHNICAL QUESTIONS. Ask technical questions about our pedestal paver system here. CONTACT BISON

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Balcony & terrace profiles, pedestal & slab supports, drainage systems. Balcony and . The ceramic slabs are attached by the pedestal and slab supports, but not grouted. . Pedestal and slab supports usable for tiles and paving at least 20 mm thick; Made out of high-quality, reinforced PP (polypropylene), 100% recyclable..

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Plazas / Terraces. Other architectural applications of screwjack pedestal systems include pedestrian plazas and terraces. Museum of Modern Art, NYC . adjustable pedestals, couplers, tabs, base leveler disks, and shims. Some systems have pedestals containing thread engagement indicator bumps that warn the user..

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Oct 30, 2017 . BERA Terrace & Decking Systems. BERA Pedestals HiLo Fix · Femox Pedestals powered by BERA · BERA Alu Sub-base Terrace System. CALL OR EMAIL US FOR ANY ENQUIRIES. WE LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU. CALL US · E-MAIL. GRAVEL STABILIZATION SYSTEM. BERA Gravel Fix Pro..

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They operate similarly to house screw jacks but consist of adjustable screw jack to change pedestal height. Foundation screw jacks help adjustable height support. Screw jack pedestal systems are known to be the most effective worldwide. They are the most modern solution when constructing terraces. The terrace support..


The PAVE-EL pedestal system elevates levels and uniformly spaces paver stones and protects the substrates in such waterproofed installations as roof decks and promenades, terraces, balconies, patios, podiums, plazas, arenas and roof gardens. It is also ideal for roof garden walkways, for use as support pedestals or..

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A simple and fast installation using plastic support disks called Pedestals

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Pedestals are designed to support heavy stone, wood or concrete pavers over any waterproofed structural surface with pedestrian traffic only, such as balconies, terraces, rooftops, patios, walkways, courtyards, pool decks and pool surrounds. The purpose of pedestal support systems is to allow for deck drainage and air..