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Mar 15, 2017 . When you're building a barrier to reduce noise, whatever is built needs to have the right transmission loss in the frequencies (such as car exhaust noise) that are disturbing. For an outdoor wall or fence, I recommend a minimum sound transmission class (STC) of 30. (STC is the rating of an object's ability to..

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Ipe (pronounced EE-pay) is the finest quality wood decking material available. .. SLIP RESISTANCE - ASTM-C1028-89 tested; Our Ipe Decking exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for Static Coefficient of friction in a wet environment . The U.V. inhibitor will prevent your deck from fading in the sun

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Jul 6, 2014 . Got quite a shock from the plastic deck turn up the volume

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Aug 12, 2017 . The important thing is to go easy. Those splinters typically result from poor deck care, which allows the wood to deteriorate, followed by overly aggressive pressure washing

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Avoid a shock from your plastic or resin lawn furniture. Simply spray Static Guard on a cloth and wipe over outdoor furniture. Great for use on children's plastic outdoor toy sets, wagons and slides -- #staticguard #shock #outdoorfurniture

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Apr 28, 2015 . Wearing shoes with memory foam on the inside,; Walking on a deck made from composite materials, or the rubberized floor in a dance studio,; Having flannel sheets on your bed, and; Walking on hardwood floors treated with polyurethane. can cause a build-up of static electricity, depending on the person..

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In the case of excessive static buildup on an installed PVC or HDPE capped deck, Fiberon recommends the following procedure: Remove loose debris from the deck surface. ACL Heavy Duty Staticide 2002/2005 (shown at left). Spray or mop the entire surface of the deck. Allow to air dry. Do not attempt to wipe the..

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For best results, installing solid wood blocking between each joist, placed every 4' - 6' within the structure, can help reduce movement or twisting of the joists. Limiting joist movement can help reduce excessive gapping and also ensure more uniform finished surface of the AZEK Deck. 16BASIC INSTALLATION

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We've been providing a lifetime warranty on all of our building products since 1962 and see no reason to stop now. . CARE. Genovations Decking is a PVC product with no wood or organic fibers added and resists most stains. . Following the installation instructions properly can help manage and reduce these effects

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Jun 22, 2016 . For most of us, static electricity is a curious throwback to school science lessons and something that we can use from time to time to cheer up small children or enrage our pets. For regular users of records though, static electricity is a routine annoyance that affects audio quality and makes the business of..

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plan of your proposed project that you intend to do to minimize errors and make your perfect decking. . substructure. While NewTechWood products are great for retrofits, NewTechWood's products CANNOT be installed on existing decking boards. Static. Static can also be ... Place a screw in the outside hole of the MG-

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Oct 4, 2016 . This wood movement often causes the the buckling problems with shingles. Leave the roof sheathing panels (plywood, OSB) to acclimate to local humidity levels before installation. This reduces swelling after the panels are installed and avoid buckling problems with shingles. Space deck panels 3 mm..

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Apr 23, 2014 . However, if you live in a dry climate, you may have noticed another difference between wood and PVC static. Being a member of the plastic family, cellular PVC can allow for some static electricity in the right conditions. For example, if you have metal railings on a cellular PVC deck that's deep in the desert..

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Composite Decking Static Electricity Solution. ACL Staticide . Proven effective after years of use in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities, Staticide has become a trusted name in static protection and the closest thing there is to static control insurance. Anti-static topicals are easy-to-use solutions that reduce..

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FIBERON Decking products at Fox Home Center. . Note that the wood grain patterns on Fiberon decking are directional. . Allow to air dry - do not attempt to wipe the surface dry as wiping will reduce the effectiveness of the antistatic coating (*Although very safe in diluted form, ACL Staticide Concentrate is considered a..

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Static electricity can be a real problem in winter, especially in houses with carpets and radiator heat. There are several simple ways to reduce this annoyi

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STOP! Read this section before you start! Always make sure to visit .com to ensure you are viewing the most current installation instructions, care and cleaning . Static Electricity. The buildup or generation of static electricity is a . building principles used to install wood or composite decking and in accordance..

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Jul 31, 2011 . I have a new outdoor deck which is constructed of plastic composite planks. The deck is . You may be able to find an anti static liquid to the composite planks to reduce ore eliminate that. . If you cannot eliminate the static electricity, you may have to carry a key or something similar to touch any metal first

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Your ability to enjoy your deck may be diminished if algae infiltrates the wood, making it more than a bit unsightly. If left for too long, the algae can actually cause damage to the deck, too. It and the moisture it feeds on can eat away at the wood, posing a risk to its structural integrity