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With the right stain stripper, a few hours and a little guidance from our pros, you can floor wood back to its original unfinished state and turn your . With a low-grit abrasive pad or plastic stripping tool, gently remove stripper, which will be combined with old finish. Continue . Return unused stripper to the original container

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Whether you're in need of a reliable 5-gallon paint bucket with optional plastic lid, or a small plastic mixing container that has measuring tools on the side, we have the products to get the job done right. We also carry the accessories you need to go along with your paint buckets, including paint trays, paint brush combs,..

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Need to Know: Stains are nearly impossible to remove after a container has been microwaved. The heat has baked the stain into the plasticthus, after heating sauces, you get those hideous red stains. This is a great reason why silicone cups or containers are so great for putting inside your plastic container for lunches

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Apr 27, 2016 . When the first nice day of spring came to the Boston suburb of Natick, Massachusetts, Jeffrey Cullen and his pal Dave got out the wood stain, brushes, and rags to stain the front porch of Dave's house. The can of oil-based stain they used had a warning that rags soaked with the stain may spontaneously..

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Mar 26, 2015 . Make enough so that when poured in, it will cover the discolored portion of your container. 2. Pour the solution into the container. If the lid is also stained, place it flat at the bottom of the sink and pour on more of the bleach mixture. Soak for about 30 minutes, until clean. 3. Wash the container and the lid in..

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Protect plants, furniture and other items with plastic sheeting or drop cloth. Step 2. To effectively remove mold, dirt and grime from composite surfaces, use BEHR PREMIUM All-in-One Wood Cleaner . Follow all label instructions. Step 3. Apply BEHR PREMIUM Solid Color Weatherproofing All-In-One Wood Stain & Sealer..

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That means they are way easier to apply than your typical wood stain. You don't have to . Weatherwash Maintenance Oils lighten or darken using, providing amazing color effects & light wood protection. . When buying several containers for one job, pour them into a larger plastic bucket, to avoid batch discrepancies

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HANDy Pro Pail Liners. Your Price. Save 10% Every Day with PaintPerks . List Price: $6.89. SAVE. Compare. 1 - 9 of 9 items. All prices displayed are for U.S. Sherwin-Williams locations and are in U.S. Dollars. Prices do not include taxes or other fees as applicable. Compare Add more to compare Added..

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PEARL STAINS must be applied to wood, whether new or refinished. Open up the wood by first sanding with 80-120 grit sandpaper. Do not condition the wood. Tip: For large exterior jobs (fences, decking) and fine woodworking (carved wood working), you can apply denatured alcohol instead, but allow it to dry 24..

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Nov 1, 2011 . I've actually watched a plastic container stretch out into a bubble over time as the solvent weakened the plastic. I've also had the fumes eat the rubber seal on a lid for a glass jar. For storage of stuff I've mixed, I just keep my empty cans that the finish came in. If I'm feeling especially anal, which is most of the..

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I dripped stain onto the plastic several times!! You can also use a traditional drop cloth. I did this for the sidewalk. Once you're ready to stain do one more thing Shake the Woodland Oil vigorously for about 1 minute. Shake woodland oil. Because I wanted a nice even coat I actually took the 3 gallon bucket back to Lowe's..

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Jul 7, 2015 . I came up with this simple trick to give PVC pipe a realistic wood texture when I built a few plastic didgeridoos a couple of years ago. It would also work for. . You can use some faux finish techniques for extra texture, blotting the paint on in irregular patterns instead of bush strokes. Let it dry. That's it!How to Store Deck Stain | Home Guides | SF Gate

Stretch plastic wrap completely over the top of the container before replacing the lid. Slide a rubber band over the sides or tape the plastic wrap to the container to hold it in place, then place the lid over the wrap. Secure the lid to the container. On conventional metal paint and stain cans, tap the edges of the lid lightly with a..

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These are plastic buckets that frosting comes in for a bakery, so I guess like a 5 gallon bucket...how should I prep the buckets to accept the paint, what is the best kind of paint to use for . This type of primer is formulated to bond to plastics and PVC material, thus creating a suitable surface for the finish paint to adhere on

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Shelf Life of TWP. After an exterior staining project with TWP, Total Wood Preservative Stain you may have some extra left over. Or you may have bought some TWP wood stain intending to use it and just haven't got around to it. Whether you have some left over or the season ended before you could use it, TWP wood stain..

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Aug 26, 2009 . This is no different, environmentally speaking, than throwing a piece of wood with a cured oil finish in the trash. . You can extend the shelf life of varnish by closing containers securely, transferring the finish to a smaller container to minimize air spaces, or displacing oxygen with an inert gas (by using..

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Find out how to go about painting concrete, metal, plastic and other materials around your house. Read on to find out . Similar to wood stain, concrete stain permeates the surface and provides a long lasting, durable, and decorative finish on interior and exterior concrete and masonry surfaces. The stain permeates the..

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Staining: plastic drop cloths to protect the area Buy Heavy . Stain and protect wood only with high quality stains for a long lasting durable finish that is easy to clean and maintain. . You may wish to round up to the next full container, especially for products with color, since colors can vary slightly from container to container

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It is a tricky task to remove paint from plastic. While it may be easy to strip paint from metal, wood, or ceramic, plastic requires more careful attention to keep the material intact