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Jan 9, 2004 . However, do not caulk the bottom edge of clapboard siding. That small crack on clapboard allows the siding to move and allows vapor to escape. For wood surfaces, Apply a rust-inhibitive primer to any exposed nails. Countersink the nails and fill the holes with exterior spackling compound. Oil-based..


Remember that the last step will be from the top tread up to the landing; for a. 28 height, for example, you'd build three 7 steps. While outdoor treated wood is not generally required by code, it will give you a longer-lasting repair. For sturdiness and stability, use 2 x 12's for the stringers and treads or, you can buy

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Remove the nails holding treads in place. You can get at the nails using a pry bar and hammer, but an old-fashioned nail puller might make for an easier job. 2. Remove the treads and set aside. 3. In this case the stair's instability was due to the fact the stringers were just resting in notches in the header instead of being..

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Aug 9, 2017 . Also, I wasn't sure it would be very practical to have white exterior steps. I saw a lot of power washing in our future! So, we decided to find a way to cover the concrete steps with wood. I knew this would make them look brand new, and allow us to use the exact same wood for the treads as we had used for..

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Jul 29, 2011 . Here's how we did a new deck with steps on one side: 1) Measure the area, and d out what you want to build. . How to Build Wooden Steps, Landing, or Deck. Updated on July 29, . Use a moisture barrier between wood and outdoor foundations, and consider drainage for the whole thing. - Screws are..

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Do your outdoor steps need to be sealed? If your steps are concrete, seal them with an acrylic or silicone-based concrete sealer. If they are wooden, check if they need to be stained or water sealed

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Mar 25, 2009 . Building wood steps is not rocket science if you start right. Stairs are built the same whether outdoors or indoors with the only difference being materials used and the fact that your work has to fit in a specific space indoors. Redwood, cedar or pre-treated lumber should be used for exterior steps. The three..

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Mar 8, 2012 . Step #3: Understand Your Choices. There are five main families of outdoor wood finishes: Tinted, film-forming finishes are one of them. They make outdoor wood look as refined as furniture, allowing grain patterns to show through added colour. The results are gorgeous, and the protective film is..

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Jul 15, 2015 . painted-stairs-02. A quick note about pressure treated wood: Because it's been treated with chemicals to prevent wood rot and damage from insects, . spring and early summer has been incredibly rainy, which, while great for our lawn and plants (yeah!) was making it difficult to complete the outdoor project