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Thermostat OSB Sheathing can help increase indoor comfort while potentially reducing colling energy costs. . PDF: Thermostat Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing - Turn Down Attic Temperatures (400KB/1pgs). Frequently Asked Questions. How does Thermostat Radiant Barrier Sheathing work? How much can you save..

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Due to its relative light weight and compactness, vinyl roofing membranes are energy-efficient to produce and transport to the installation site

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Often times lightweight insulating concrete roof decking is less expensive than traditional board stock insulation. Not to mention, it also acts as a fire barrier and saves you money by conserving energy in utility costs. If you are a general contractor that may not mean much to you, but to your clients - it means a lot to them AND..

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May 11, 2016 . Energy Efficiency: Metal and concrete roof tiles both have advantages when it comes to energy efficiency. . on how metal roofs compare to concrete roof tile in design, structure and energy efficiency, will allow you to make an informed decision on what roofing material will work best on your next project

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HGTVRemodels shows how a new roof bolstered with insulation more than doubles its energy efficiency. . The Wilsons' deteriorating roof actually spearheaded their large-scale Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) project. .. It's light-weight, comes with a 50-year warranty, will last about 75 years and is rated well against hail

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May 10, 2016 . In the case of cold climates, it is always best to provide a continuously sealed vapor barrier under the roof insulation, on top of the steel decking. . Requirements for air barriers are included in some building codes and widely adopted standards such as International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), 2012..

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Jul 22, 2011 . Typical roof decking materials - plywood and OSB - are pretty good radiators, so everything it 'sees' in the attic starts getting hot, too. radiant barrier ... White and light color metal and tile roofs offer the best performance on pitched roofs (other than 'flat' roofs), but cost much more than shingles. And white..

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Also, to meet today's energy requirements, expanded polystyrene may be embedded in a slurry coat of concrete that has been cast onto a corrugated steel deck, and covered by generally 2 or more inches of lightweight concrete. The thickness of the top-pour can be varied to provide positive slope for drainage. The steel..

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BMI Group supplies high-quality waterproofing systems for a wide range of surfaces, including metal decking, timber and concrete substrates. . Products range from traditional membranes and underlays, used in both DIY and professional applications, to innovative energy efficient and flame retardant solutions designed for..

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May 21, 2012 . But he suspects that light-colored asphalt roofing would perform similarly, with or without ventilation. Comparing a 'cool metal roof' and 'dark gray asphalt shingle' is apples to oranges, he writes. Kevin O'Meara says the difference in energy performance is due to more than just the color of the roofing

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Oct 19, 2017 . If a temporary roof is installed on a newly poured concrete deck, there is a good possibility the vapor pressure will push against the temp roof, de-bonding it from the deck. Northern climates this is more of an issue during the colder months. Even in the southern areas there is a chance for blistering to occur

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First, tests by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) and other groups show that they work. Second, manufacturers are improving the quality of radiant barrier materials. Third, many decking manufacturers are producing roof decking products with a radiant barrier preinstalled, saving money on installation costs in new..

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Learn about the ENERGY STAR qualified roof products that can reduce the amount of air conditioning and save utility money

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Chapter 3, Building Planning of the Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014), Residential is a good resource for more information about building planning and design. . Sometimes another layer of defense is installed between the roof sheathing and the roofing felt for protection from high wind or snow build-up

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Dec 6, 2011 . Energy-efficient sheathing made from polystyrene simplifies installation

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Energy Efficient No Matter The Color. Stone coated metal tiles offer more diversity when it comes to installation of roofing systems. With Gerard's metal roof tiles, customers have the option of Direct to Deck Batten installation, or counter batten installation. Using the Counter Batten installation method, you will create 3" of..

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roof decks exclusive ly. Strength and physical proper ties are also unique. Gypsum has approx imately 500 psi com pressive strength minimum but can range to 1,200 and beyond (depending on the mix as described above). This is in contrast with lightweight insulating concrete (LWIC;. 125-250 psi) and structural concrete (..

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look like metal. No matter the style selected, it is important to consider energy costs when selecting a roof system. The Roof Structure (A Good Foundation!) . of the roof deck may be fine for most light loads like composition shingles, but may deflect, or sag, between supports with a 24 span under heavier roof loads

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While this method is faster, it does not allow the roof sheathing to be inspected and water damage, often associated with worn shingles, to be repaired. Having multiple layers of old shingles under a new layer causes roofing nails to be located further from the sheathing, weakening their hold. The greatest concern with this..

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Nu-lok lightweight installation for slate . A Nu-lok slate roof installation is more energy conserving, as it is installed on a grid system that naturally ventilates the roof. . (making it ideal for solar panel application), creating an insulating barrier of air between the slate and the roof deck increasing energy savings still further

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7 and 8, respectively. Akbari et al. (2006) showed that replacing conventional surface colours with light colours significantly reduces the infrared radiation and heat absorption. For example, raising the solar reflectance of a typical residential dark roof from 0.10 to 0.35 can lessen the buildings cooling energy use by 715%

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Asphalt shingles are a good, basic go-to with a relatively low initial investment. They come in loads of colors and sizes and offer years of protection. Metal roof panels and corrugated roofing have a much longer life. They're lightweight, fire-resistant and reflect heat away from your home. You have plenty of choice when it..