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Pre-Cast Concrete Decking. Precast planks dont't require any steel joists, but require more main beams and. A Precast concrete deck is made of precast hollow-core concrete slabs that are supported by steel beams. The disadvantage is the depth of the resulting car park flooring, because the concrete slabs are quite thick..

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Jun 30, 2009 . Double T post tensioned precast plank parking garage section collapses in Atlanta. Submitted by . If the beam length becomes shorter than the distance (span) between the supporting frame, the floor plank will fall. There is no . Waterproofing Admixture using Krystol technology from Kryton on Vimeo

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Sep 30, 2011 . Westfield required an extremely quick schedule in order to open the parking structure in time to support an annual tennis tournament that takes place at the ..

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40. Garages. 50. 50. 50. Storage Sheds. 30. 30. 30. Penthouse (mechanical room). 50. 50. 50. FOUNDATIONS. Multifamily /. Coop. Seniors. Students. Foundations. 50+. 50+. 50+. Waterproofing (foundations). 50+. 50+. 50+. FRAMING. Multifamily /. Coop. Seniors. Students. Brick or block. 40. 40. 40. Precast concrete panel..

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The fountains are built over a concrete parking structure that is moving as cars drive around looking for spaces, says Pierce. The parking deck's top slab is made up of precast planks with a topping slab. Because of this, there is movement in the garage structure. Pierce says that any water feature waterproofing must also..

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Recently, Pennoni Associates was involved in the investigation and assessment of several existing parking garages constructed with precast, prestressed thin slabs. In this type of structural system, precast planks function as stay-in-place formwork and become a part of an overall composite slab once a field-cast topping is..

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Car park structures are usually above ground normally as permanent structures although there is growing demand for temporary/demountable car parking. . 4.3.1 Hollow core pre-cast units used compositely with the steel beams; 4.3.2 Steel deck with composite beams; 4.3.3 Composite beam with composite pre-cast..

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In 2010, concrete flooring was installed over Bison precast plank decking. The mechanical movement joints were absolutely crucial on this project where high dynamic loads imposed by constant traffic movements can result in significant forces acting on the structure. This was especially critical on the top deck of the car park..

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Oldcastle Precast. Building Systems. 1401 Trimble Road. Edgewood, MD 21040. 800-523-9144 h. Thousands of residential garages throughout the Northeast have been built with hollow core floors, providing large, open spaces below for additional parking, storage, shop and living space -- even..

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for additional parking, storage, shop and living space even swimming pools and storm shelters. The following information is intended to assist you in planning additional space under your garage floor. WORKING WITH SPANCRETE IS EASY. Spancrete precast is a prestressed concrete hollowcore plank for floors and..

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Precast Parking Systems from High Concrete. 3. High Performance Parking Garage Systems from the Industry Leader. 4. Precast Offers Versatility and Peace of Mind. 5. Superior Performance, Durability, and Quality. 6. CarbonCast: The Next Generation. 7. MEGA-Tees: The Core Component of High Precast System Design

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Project Owner: Midtown Square Condominium Association. Value: $177,000. Date of Completion: Summer 2013. Project Description: CWC put together a design/build proposal to reinforce structural integrity to this precast plank garage while providing waterproofing elements to increase durability and ease of maintenance

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Oct 13, 2014 . Under pressure. On April 17, 2014, the northern division of the Structural Engineers Association of Colorado hosted a double tee load test event at Colorado Precast Concrete in Loveland, Colorado. A full-size 10DT24+2 double tee (see Decoding the double tee) designed for a typical parking garage floor..

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Jan 13, 2015 . Crews removed the existing top slab of the parking deck along with the existing waterproofing, pitching slab, and all electrical and plumbing systems associated with the area. An unforeseen challenge was encountered during the removal; the surface of the existing precast planks underneath had a thin..

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Precast, Prestressed. Concrete Deck Elements. Tri-tees. Hollow core planks. Ventilation Systems. Mechanical exhaust system at levels 1 to 4 and natural ventilation at all levels. Natural ventilation at all levels. Ancillary Structures. Steel framed metal roof over. 5th level vehicle ramp. None. PHASE I & PHASE II PARKING..

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The construction of the upper deck was pre cast concrete planks supported by a steel frame - some of the planks spanned up to 14 metres with a concrete topped wearing coarse. . Hoddesdon Xypex Admix and Concentrate were used to waterproof and protect the basement car park of this mixed used development. Xypex..

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Jan 21, 2008 . The kind of pre-cast concrete planks that are extruded with round cores running lengthwise will also span across a similar steel frame but they have to be about twice as thick and add quite a bit to the weight of the structure. I can't think of a benefit to this option except perhaps achieving a fire-resistance..

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Special conditions on a project may require more specific evaluation and practical engineering judgment. MNL-129-98. On the cover: Cook County Juvenile Center Parking Garage, Chicago, IL. Photo: William Kildow Photography. PRECAST / PRESTRESSED. CONCRETE INSTITUTE. 175 W. Jackson Boulevard, Chicago,..

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evelopers of new parking struc- tures often choose precast concrete construction, both for its cost savings and for the fast track construction schedule it allows. Fabricated in a manufacturing plant, precast concrete elements are shipped fully formed to the construction site, where they are assembled. Because it is cast

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BEAM & BLOCK FLOORS HOLLOWCORE FLOORS PRECAST CONCRETE STAIRCASES. WATER CHAMBERS RETAINING WALL . but less than 5000m2 at each storey. Car parking not exceeding 6 storeys. . the structure needing to achieve the minimum prescribed acoustic values. Robust Detail. As an alternative to..