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If you're needing real "mahogany" faced plywood, you'll have few choices, none of which are cheap (comparatively). These will be marine grade panels "faced" with a mahogany veneer (again one or both sides). As to the "hold up well" requirement, well this is much more maintenance and owner related..

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Marine Plywood. Plywood is a versatile building material that can be used for a number of projects. Our Marine grade plywood is offered in a variety of species and sizes . The joints will be tight. Industrial Grade (4) This is faced with mill option veneer, which may contain open defects. White Oak & Western Red Cedar Wood..

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Modestly good underlayment-grade lauan plywood could still be had, but the paper-thin face veneers and crumbly core that distinguishes lauan today would be the norm by the early 1990s. .. The BS 1088 specification applies to tropical hardwood plywoodthat is to say, okoume, sapele, meranti, and a few others

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Apr 26, 2015 . If you can get a marine ply,it would be nice,Either a fir marine ply or mahogany marine ply or equivalent I'm kinda a rebel I guess as I'm using an exterior .. While we have (APA grades) A, B, C and D grades, plus Marine grades (Mar A-B indicating that it's Marine rated with one face being A grade and the..

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Wholesale Teak plywood (marine-grade) available in 1/8", 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" thicknesses, 1 good face, 2 good faces or Teak and Holly (Cabin Sole). . Teak, known as the king of hardwoods due to its long service life and durable characteristics, is a close-grained wood with high natural oil content. It is one of the most..

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You will find Marine Plywood & Panels and Marine Plywood & Panels products competitively priced on, along with other boat building . King StarBoard is the original marine-grade polymer and the industry standard. . Good 1 Side Teak Plywood .6mm teak face veneer & okoume veneer on back

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Nov 17, 2010 . The deck I am replacing on my Wolverine is mahogany 5 ply plywood. It currently measures .296 so I imagine it started as 5/16", but I can't say that for certain. Anyhow, if it is good on both sides, I only need one sheet of it as it is not a large boat. Is this stuff still available or do I get a mahogany veneer to glue..

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The term veneer is used to describe the relatively thin sheets of wood cut with special machinery from the surface of a log. The log typically . Marine Plywood. Several aircraft builders use marine grade plywood in aircraft construction. It is available from aircraft supply companies. It is sold in two different grades A-A and A-B

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Sapele is African mahogany, Water & boil proof (WBP), Whole piece rotary cut face, Minimum 1.2mm face veneer thickness,. Sapele . Flat sawn African mahogany face and back (looks like genuine Honduras mahogany), Tropical hardwood core, This is decorative marine plywood, Best used when appearance is important

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Thickness, Size, Grade, Cut, Core. 1/4", 4' x 8', A4, Plain Sliced Khaya, Veneer. 1/2", 4' x 8', A1, Plain Sliced Khaya, Veneer. 3/4", 4' x 8', A1, Plain Sliced Khaya, Veneer..

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Marine Plywood. Hydrotek Meranti/Keruing is a multi-ply marine plywood that is superior to all standard Meranti plywood currently produced. Both face and inner . see below for quantity discounts. BS 1088 "Hydrotek" Meranti / Keruing Mahogany Rotary cut. Click for larger image. 4' x 8' Premium 2 sided. Marine Grade

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Sep 14, 2012 . bruynzeel plywood veneers The manufacture is done with a patented process called Hechthout that ensures a highly flat, stable, rigid, and very lightweight panel. Perfect for boat building. The single sheet, Mahogany like face veneer is quite attractive as well, making this marine ply suitable as a substrate or..

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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida supplier of marine grade plywood and lumber for custom carpentry. Maple, Mahogany, AB Marine, Okoume, and Teak & Holly and more

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An unprecedented degree of standardization has Navy Island recognized nationally as THE premium producer of architectural wood veneer panels . Lightweight MDF & VC; Marine-grade BS 6566 & BS 1088 VC; PB, MDF FRMDF; MDF banded Veneer Core (CombiCore); CARB-compliant (phase 2) PBC & MDF; Lumber..

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We carry both Okoume and Sapele marine grade plywood. We carry also decorative Teak and Holly marine panels and can lay up custom marine panels based on our Bruynzeel platforms using a face veneer of your choice. We buy our plywood with the same strict quality standards we use for our solid wood lumber so you..

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Aquatek Meranti/Keruing is a multi-ply marine plywood that is of a grade slightly below Hydrotek, but still is superior to all other standard Meranti plywood currently produced. Both face and inner plies are constructed from whole piece, color matched, Meranti or Keruing veneers. Aquatek is used in boat building applications..

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DEFINITION, REGINA MAHOGANY is a weather and water proof Marine plywood with the looks of Suprahecht and the weight and the economical benefits of Hechthout. Regina Mahogany A/B is built up with the highest quality Mahogany face veneers, and the lightweight Okoume core. Regina Mahogany is (Sea)..

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Oct 28, 2002 . As a general rule for boat projects, use marine-grade plywood because the wood used to make it is of higher quality with smaller voids and fewer . It is made of imported African mahogany or American birch veneer laminated in a hot press to a hardwood core of poplar or basswood with waterproof glue

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Jan 20, 2017 . Higher quality plywood will have more, thinner, layers of veneer, usually in the five to seven ranges. This forms a stronger, more balanced panel less likely to warp or crack. Common species for marine panels are fir, okoume, sapele, mahogany, meranti and teak. Solid veneers with no voids, exterior glues..

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Product Overview. Custom Cut Your Order for Free Here. Homedepot Image. Professional-grade . PureBond is available in a wide range of real-wood face veneers, for great design versatility in DIY and professionally-built projects. Homedepot .. Do you carry a marine grade mahogany plywood for such an application?Teak Plywood Marine Grade - Teak and Holly Plywood - East Teak

With East Teak's fine teak wood veneer product, we can supply you with beautiful interior floors and cabinetry for all sizes and styles of yachts and marine craft. Our clients can choose from a variety of exotic woods to match or make a new cabin sole. The layout for the interior can either be straight or sprung planking