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Gardening is a popular pastime in New Zealand and a range of books, magazines and television programmes are dedicated to the topic. New Zealand has restrictions on trading during the Easter holiday break, and in recent years garden supply centres have flouted the law and remained open

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Mar 7, 2014 . Planking: Put a plank down in the garden for them to hide under after a hard night of eating your plants and all you need to do is lift the plank in the morning and pick them off and dispose of them as you will. Beer: Slugs and snails love a good party and are dn to beer like moths to a flame. Take an old..

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Mar 28, 2017 . Rocks, rotting logs, bits of old bark, terracotta tiles, corrugated iron pieces, planks of wood, firewood and old concrete slabs are useful items you may find lying around in your garden. Stack any combination of these materials loosely so there are plenty of cracks and holes for lizards to squeeze into

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It's a fast acting broad spectrum insecticide that's effective against soft bodied insects such as whitefly, aphids and mites and can be used on fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants. It has no residual effect and is certified for use in organic gardening by BioGro New Zealand, so it's ideal for gardeners wanting to control insect..

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Jun 21, 2016 . Some Very Confused People Think Gardening Is Banned In New Zealand. Reddit strikes again. By Hilary Hanson. Hero Images via Getty Images. In New Zealand, this is A-OK

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Sep 6, 2016 . In colder climates with short summers it's best to sow parsnip seed a week or two after the last frost has passed to allow plenty of growing time before autumn frosts. In warmer climates waiting till late spring or early summer can give a better result. Rake out a shallow trench (1-2cm deep) and use a plank of..

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If you want to grow the biggest, healthiest, fastest-growing veges, build yourself a raised vege garden. Because everything's contained you can fill your raised garden bed up with all the very best soil, compost, mulch, and fertiliser

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Keep pest problems to a minimum and your garden flourishing without using insecticides or chemicals. . Check under old wood planks, loose bricks and plant pots for slug and snail refuges. Hoe frequently to . We're the only New Zealand non-profit to independently put the products and services you want to buy to the test