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Acrylux waterproofing products include: Roof Mastic, Waterproofing EC-100, Elasto Premium. Roof Mastic elastomeric coating is designed to waterproof flat roofs, tile roofs, metal roofs and shingle roofs. Acrylux Waterproofing is a rubber elastomeric waterproofing for roofs. Elasto-premium is waterproofing for walls and..

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We do waterproofing and coating work throughout the entire Southern California area including construction, below grade, roof repair, balcony coating, epoxy . SCD used a Vulkem vehicular parking deck system for decorative and functional purposes, preventing water from leaking into sub-terrainian parking strucure

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Additional Advantages of Sani-Tred Marine Deck Repair System. Seals and smothers existing rust and corrosion completely; Eliminates all future oxidation; Boat deck paint bonds permanently to the surface and wall; Expands & Contracts to withstand extreme temperatures; Seals watertight; Eliminates the need to repaint or..

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Feb 24, 2017 . What's most important is to create a roof deck that's leak-proof so you don't cause damage later. A waterproofing membrane is one of the key aspects to success here, as is a quality drainage system and flashing details. Before applying any waterproofing coating, consult the architectural data to check on..

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Liquid rubber sealant in a can. Easy way to coat, seal and stop leaks fast. Sprays out a liquid that seeps into cracks and holes. Dries to a watertight, flexible rubberized coating. Great for gutters, window trim, roofs, cement, driveways, pipes, fountains and more

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will check and split as they weather and almost inevitably leak. So when- ever wood posts penetrate any deck we're working on, we flash them with metal. L-flashing that can be waterproofed with the deck coating. Later, the posts can be wrapped in weather-resistant. Tyvek or 60-minute building paper, then boxed in with..

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Apr 3, 2017 . Re-sealing your waterproof deck by applying a new top coat will refresh the coating and provide a new layer of protection for your deck. That means that the paint won't end up becoming damaged, you'll be less likely to have leaks, and you can enjoy your deck longer. How Does the Waterproof Deck..

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Water-proof decks are typically applied over wood, or over structural concrete. A special cementitious coating is trowel applied to build a multi layer system that are both water-proof and durable. The finish surface can be a textured multi color stain with a clear sealer or a solid colored sealer. Water leaks can cause serious..

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The worst dry-rot damage usually occurs where drains and scuppers penetrate a deck. Here's how to avoid it. . My company specializes in installing waterproof decks, but I often also get calls to fix existing decks that are leaking or coming apart. Many times, these jobs are familiar. They are ones we . Coatings and Sealers..

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Ames liquid waterproof rubber coatings will protect commercial roofs, walls, decks, foundations, basements, concrete, rubber, metal, foam and more! Use Ames to seal and protect your home, office or barn. Elastomeric and reflective liquid rubber coatings

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Mar 15, 2017 . Two interesting variations on the open-rib waterproofing concept are a pair of aluminum decking products: LockDry, made by Atlanta-based Nexan . is a ribbed proprietary polymer extrusion that fits in the slotted edges of certain types of composite decking to create a watertight seal between the boards

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Do you want to build a pond or repair a pond that leaks? Not all soil will hold water, especially if there is no water currently running through the area, such as damming a spring. The best method in planning ahead is to lay a geotextile liner then spray an ArmorThane water-tight barrier over it. If the pond currently has a liner..