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Feb 1, 2013 . The water most likely entered through cracked grout joints or on the perimeters. If the deck is in a cold climate, the moisture freezes, expands, and causes tiles to erupt. Still, a failure in the tile installation does not mean a failure in the waterproofing system. If the membrane is intact and performing its function..

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May 26, 2017 . Waterproofing Under Tile: Why it's Important & Commonly Overlooked. Using tile can enhance the aesthetic value of your deck or flooring, though what looks good always has risks. Just like using plywood or concrete to improve your deck's appearance, you need some protection to prevent deterioration..

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Oct 13, 2011 . If tile is to be installed over an occupied space or the structure must be protected for other reasons, waterproofing AND drainage may be necessary. Efflorescence is hard to avoid when you do every- thing right. However, there are plenty of products to help avoid it. This deck was prone to standing water due..

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Jan 6, 2017 . This is a classic exterior elevated deck design. For this system to work, the waterproof membrane catches all the moisture that passes through the tile work, through the filter fabric, and then through the drainage layer. The moisture accumulates on the membrane and flows down the slope into the drain or off..

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Often, these proprietary systems are highly modified versions of the F103 system, allowing precipitation to drain away from the tile. There are no backerboard systems in the handbook for exterior decks; however, under some circumstances and with appropriate waterproofing, backerboard manufacturers may authorize such..


Above is a project completed by Golden Gate Enterprises Inc. , San Francisco Bay Area's leading waterproof deck contractor. This is a project in the Oakland Hills where the previous waterproofing system failed. We installed our approved waterproof tile deck membrane, along with all our standard waterproofing details