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Floors made out of engineered or laminate wood are very sturdy and durable, but that doesn't mean you can afford to neglect them; they need a good maintenance routine just as every other floor does. We've compiled a few handy tips to help with figuring out the best way to clean laminate wood floors and keep engineered..

DIY Laminate Floor Cleaner Your Grandmother Would Be Proud Of .

Aug 2, 2017 . DIY Laminate Floor Cleaner. For a super long time, I thought you couldn't clean floors without buying something in a bottle that said for laminate! or for wood! or for Grecian tiling in front of an infinity pool! OMG, can I tell you people just how incredibly fooled these cleaning companies have us?Dos and Do nots of Cleaning Laminate Flooring - BuildDirect

While laminate flooring is not ideal for bathrooms due to its incompatibility with water in any significant amount, it is a great choice for kitchens, entryways and even living . As long as regular spot cleaning and basic maintenance is kept up, laminate flooring will retain beauty and last a long time. . wood floor spot cleaning..

Another Good Use for Vinegar: Cleaning Laminate Wood Floors .

When it comes to cleaning laminate wood floors, you don't have to break the bank or your back. Unlike other expensive types of flooring, laminate wooden flooring is very easy to maintain and clean. All you need is a mix of vinegar and water and you can say goodbye to dust, stains and spots on your laminate flooring

What is the Best Way to Clean Laminate Wood Floors .

Aug 27, 2017 . Keeping your laminate wood floors clean and well maintained takes more than just sweeping. The best way to clean laminate wood floors is actually to make sure they stay protected from anything that may permanently damage them. Laminate wood flooring is actually a very soft wood base with a laminate..

How to Get Sparkling, Clean Laminate Floors Without Leaving a .

Jan 19, 2017 . Do not use products that offer a protected shine--they will only dull your floors and leave a residue on the floors. Since laminate floors are not the only type of hard surface flooring that we offer, we provide cleaning tips for wood, vinyl and other flooring styles! You can get your free hard surface flooring guide..