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This is a great product for cleaning the mold of Decking. Clean .

Corte*Clean Composite Cleaner for Cleaning Composite Decks, PVC & .. Spray & Clean Composite Deck Cleaner cleans the spots and stains caused by mold spores that are deep set within the pores of the composite decking. ... Wax paper above cabinets for grease and dust, no cleaning needed just replace - grand

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Feb 23, 2016 . Although composite decking requires less maintenance and upkeep, its still prone to stains and the normal wear and tear of using a deck. . Applying hot water to deactivate spores, followed by a pressure wash and thorough drying off, should be sufficient to remove surface mould from Ekologix Decking

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May 3, 2012 . If you're searching for a way to remove candle wax from wood floors, you're more than likely in a situation whereby candle wax has accidentally dropped on your wooden floor and you've already done what you can to remove it but are not overly pleased with the result. No matter which method of removing..

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I have a large, multilevel Azek deck that I want to clean. I mainly want to clean up the dark particulates that get into the grain, and remove some stuck on "gunk" (I think it's melted candle wax). Earlier in the thread someone noted not to use pressure washers on composite, which makes sense. Azek told me..

Taking care of and cleaning of your OUTDURE composite deck

Jun 18, 2015 . Get rid of mold and mildew and extend the life of your deck. . Your new composite deck from OUTDURE be it ECODECKING or RESORTDECK should provide years of enjoyment. It will never require . OUTDURE recommends the use of the OUTDURE Wax Care Kit to cover up those unishgtlly marks

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Oct 10, 2014 . This week, Dom shows how to remove grill grease and reveals the tried-and-true cleaner for best results. #PrepTalks

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Pour-N-Restore Composite Deck Spot Remover cleans and captures stains from oil, food grease, cooking oil, wax, wine, algae, transmission fluid, and more

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Apr 17, 2010 . Step 1. Scrape excess wax from the wood with the back of a spoon, ice scraper, putty knife or similar object that will remove the wax without scraping the wood. Step 2. If wax has soaked into the grain of the wood or into the seams in the decking, use an iron to melt and remove the remaining wax

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Apr 6, 2016 . All exterior decking requires cleaning. Although composite decking can be less maintenance than other types of decking, this certainly doesn't mean maintenance free. In fact, there are some mistakes that can actually increase the regular care required to maintain a composite deck. Here are a few tips to.. COMPOSITE DECK SPOT RMVR by POUR-N .

Pour N Restore is an easy to use, environmentally friendly, biodegradable phosphate free deck stain remover that penetrates deep into the composite deck and removes oil and other stains without scrubbing. Pour N Restore oil Deck spot cleaner requires no rinsing. Once Pour N Restore dries to a powder simply sweep it..

Cleaning AZEK Deck & AZEK Porch

across the decking as seen in image. When completed, remove any standing water with a towel or sponge mop and allow the surface to dry. Note that composite deck cleaners such as Corte Clean , Thompson's Water. Seal Oxy Action, Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner, or other cleaners specified as composite deck..

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Cynthia asked: How do I remove wax from a wooden deck? We had a citronella candle on our composite deck that melted, and some wax fell onto the deck. What is the best way to remove the wax stain from a composite deck? Removing wax from any surface can be tricky if there are grooves or pores for the wax to soak..

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Jul 12, 2012 . During the summer months, we're particularly fond of lighting candles on our decks (especially the citronella kind) to create the perfect nighttime ambiance. But the more candles we light, the more melted candle wax we see dripping all over the wood. Removing candle wax from a deck can usually be a..

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It's durability and resistance to weather makes it ideal for outdoor applications. Citronella oil from tiki torches and candles can spill on your deck, and should be cleaned within seven days to prevent staining. A few basic cleaning supplies are all that's needed to remove the citronella spill and floor the appearance of..